2017/2018 Curriculum Choices and Daily Schedule

(last revision: 12/15/17)

9th grade

Language Arts: Rod and Staff Grammar series and Cheryl Carter’s Writing Success

Languages:  Lingua Biblica (Latin) and Breaking the Barrier 1 (Spanish)

MathTeaching Textbooks  Algebra

Science: Biology: the Dynamics of Life along with Wicked Plants: The Weed That Killed Lincoln’s Mother and Other Botanical Atrocities (living book)

World Geography: self-written curriculum using Seterra geography games, movies, and Compact Guide to World Religions as primary resources

Current Events: (using primarily Student News Daily and/or NY Times’  Learning Blog)

Logic: How to Read a Book by Mortimer Adler (Year 1 of 3)

Read-Aloud/ Reading List–Ancient History (still in development)

  • (Learning through History magazine–Ancient Near East, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, and Ancient China )
  • Beyond Roots: In Search of Blacks in the Bible by Dwight McKissac, Sr.
  • Celebrated Cases of Judge Dee
  • Chosen by Ginger Garrett
  • Epic of Gilgamesh
  • Holy Bible (focusing on the 1st 10 chapters of Genesis and the book of Esther)
  • Homer’s Iliad
  • Homer’s Odyssey
  • North to Lalibela: Searching to Ethiopia by Duncan Lanser
  • Pianky the Great by E. Harper Johnson
  • The Flames of Rome by Paul Maier



Daily Class Schedule:


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Math Math Discovery


(child-led learning)

 Science Science Science
Grammar/ Composition Grammar/ Composition Grammar/ Composition
History History History  Logic
 Latin  Spanish
World Geography  World Geography Current Events

Free reading (1 hour)


14 thoughts on “2017/2018 Curriculum Choices and Daily Schedule

  1. I homeschool an 8th grader and work full time! I hope to have my curriculum choices up soon. I noticed you are using Time4Learning for one class. We’ve used it in the past. Do they provide different pricing for just one course?

    1. Thanks for the visit. Unfortunately, I believe that Time4Learning charges a flat fee for up to 4 courses, whether you actually use 4 courses or not. You might contact them via e-mail, though, to confirm. I have only used it for one year and one subject with each of our children, so I could be wrong.

    1. Nita, thanks. I am not “sold” on Time4Learning, so I might check out Acellus as well. My MIL, a public school teacher for decades, gave us a biology text, so after this semester of T4L’s “Nature of Science,” we might move there, and so it will be a while before we get back to online learning for science.

  2. Thank you for sharing your schedule. Even after many years of walking this homeschool journey, I still find tremendous value in learning from others. Your plan reminded me to formally include current events on our schedule. It is one of those subjects that we do organically in our home, so long as we remember. Putting it on the schedule will certainly help jog that memory!

    1. Nicole, thanks so much for the visit, and yes, without some formality, we quickly become one of those “so long as we remember” families, too!! Plus, I am trying to get a very plugged-in teen to recognize what is news worthy of her time and attention versus what the hottest celeb is doing/ saying/ wearing. It gives us a chance to teach discernment, too!!

  3. I just watched your interview on Youtube, “Rise of African American Homeschooling” on the HedueMedia channel. I loved it! I am thankful for your advice. The way you said God led you to homeschool, I feel he is doing the same with me. I am about to pull my daughter out of public school. She is in 8th grade. I am excited to take this journey. I am a working mom but will adjust my schedule accordingly. We will start with evening homeschool, then we will transition to day homeschool once I can switch schedules at work (and I’m going on maternity leave in December, so that will help a lot). God bless you!

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