Is Your Homeschool TOO Academic?

If truth be told, there are times when we struggle to educate our children. There are subjects in which our confidence wanes. We might have consciously or unconsciously brought a public school or co-op mentality into our school, and it is not working with the very small group that makes a family. Perhaps we did not set boundaries well enough such that our days are now filled with others’ agendas. Burnout can be real.  Finally, there is the constant nagging feeling that you are not doing enough, and in the need to prove yourself to those around you or to yourself, you have hit an academic dead zone with your children. I can remember being frustrated with myself and our children for a stretch in our journey. When I spoke to another mom whose experience sounded sooooo much better than my own, I remember her response to me as if it were yesterday:

“Are you making it too academic?”

 Reflecting upon her words and my own actions, I wanted to share several ways in which we took advantage of the home in homeschool, transforming our school day into a more lovable, laughable adventure that it now is.  Join me over at the Home Educating Family’s blog.

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