Digging a Legacy: Our Vegetable Garden, Spring 2015

I can vividly remember the start of our annual vegetable garden years ago.   I wish that there was a more inspiring story to tell, but the truth is that my father-in-law wanted our youngest to have a garden.   I am embarrassed to say that at the time, my husband and I thought of […]

The School Room [aka our Kitchen] Re-do

On my other blog, I shared about the air conditioner repair that is now leading to an upstairs renovation.   As the strangest of circumstances leads us to re-do our home, I am standing on Romans 8: 28 and moving forward–even in the midst of uncertainty on so many levels. It had been 2007 since […]

On Cleaning: Who Whistles While They Work?

As a writer, few things are more pleasing than when people are blessed by my words.  I am humbled by the feedback that I have gotten most recently regarding my posts about common mistakes and things I wish I’d known, etc.   Yet, somewhere in the midst of coming off as the alleged know-it-all (unintentionally, […]

Reflections of Summer over the Years

In summer of 2009, I wrote this thought as a portion of this post: ‘ I think what has me a bit frustrated is the plight I find myself in each summer: overcommitted and genuinely curious as to how it happened.’   When you have blogged for 7 years, you get to laugh–and sometimes wince–at the quality […]

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