5 Steps Back from Burnout

I actually penned this blog post 4 years ago, being very much aware of where I was emotionally by the time the year’s end, and its associated holidays, came around.    Whenever you experience the “should I quit” moment in this season, may it encourage you. I read an article recently regarding burnout, its symptoms and possible steps […]

Gardening as Homeschool Enrichment

Normally, most people type a gardening post during early spring or summer.   But for many across the country, the weather has been such that beginner gardening might be most appropriate!   If nothing else, you can file this one and refer to it again next spring. We began gardening after my FIL insisted that […]

Digging a Legacy: Our Vegetable Garden, Spring 2015

I can vividly remember the start of our annual vegetable garden years ago.   I wish that there was a more inspiring story to tell, but the truth is that my father-in-law wanted our youngest to have a garden.   I am embarrassed to say that at the time, my husband and I thought of […]

‘Cook your own food, Clean your own house’

This post is quite random–consider yourself warned.  This could have just as easily been entitled “Common Sense Saves Cents” or “The Case Against Organic Foods,” but I chose the title because of my more recent ponderings. My niece and I were having a conversation regarding the weight issues that have plagued our family for years.   […]

Embracing Spring

Are you ready for a new start?    Are you looking for a clean slate?    Think about embracing the newness of spring, and all that it brings.   I wrote all about this season’s promises in this month’s Heart of the Matter Online edition.   Enjoy.

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