The Homeschool Co-op: Know When to Hold ‘Em, Know When to Fold ‘Em

In my last post, I talked about some of the rites of passage, as I call them, of a homeschooling journey.  Those rites include buying misfit curriculum, sharing “the decision” with family and friends, and joining some sort of network or co-op.  Like the commercial says, it’s what we do.  To be sure, there are […]

Catching the Spirit of This Thing

Years ago, I wrote a post for another website entitled, “5 Common Mistakes [Homeschoolers Mistake],”focusing on those gaffes that become major stumbling blocks in the early days–and sometimes in the not-so-early days.  My post addressed a number of mental and emotional pitfalls that trap homeschooling moms and cause us to forfeit the journey before we see […]

A New Year, A Great Big THANK YOU

I chose to take a break from social media for a week to quiet myself from all the noise.  I simply want to hear clearly from the Father with as few interruptions as possible.    With a quiet spirit, I have been able to enter that point of introvert heaven, aka a time of reflection.  It […]

What to Consider When Your First Day of Homeschooling is in January

When we became home educators, there was a number of nuggets, i.e., bits of timeless wisdom, that we were blessed to receive very early on in our transition.   One of those nuggets was that if your child was in a traditional school environment, it would take about a year for them to “deprogram,” so to […]

Coming in 2017: A Blessed Heritage’s Monthly Newsletter

I will get right to the point: I am sooooooo excited about 2017 and where the Lord is taking me personally and professionally.  Though I cannot share it all right now, I would love for you to be a part of it! One of the places He is taking the blog and, indirectly, the business, […]

A Different Season of Thanks

We have a lot to be thankful for this year.  Though we have had to deal with familial illnesses, financial stretching, and the occasional hiccup of life that throws us all out of kilter, 2016 will end as yet another year on the freeway.   We have grown spiritually and emotionally, and we continue to […]

5 Steps Back from Burnout

I actually penned this blog post 4 years ago, being very much aware of where I was emotionally by the time the year’s end, and its associated holidays, came around.    Whenever you experience the “should I quit” moment in this season, may it encourage you. I read an article recently regarding burnout, its symptoms and possible steps […]

Firebird (our son’s college dance debut)

When your then 5-year-old son tinkers with the idea of dance classes, you never know where it might go.   You wrestle with your own stereotypes of what should interest a little boy, you do your best to protect him from the girls’ taunting that, unfortunately, is the sinful nature of children, and you hope […]

What to do with “Misfit” Curriculum

I wrote a post months ago entitled, “Should You Change Your Curriculum?”  with the idea that part 2 of that post would be about what to do when you decide you bought the wrong thing.   Somehow, in blogging real-time about our homeschool life and its progress, I never got back around to sharing ideas about […]

What Your Child’s Passions Can Do for YOU

I have written previously about teaching with passion , and I speak frequently about igniting our children’s passions.  After a recent experience, however, it occurred to me that I should perhaps look at this concept of passion from a different angle. This year as a part of our homeschool we deliberately close her planner for a […]

How to be an Octopus (or rather, how to school multiple kids at one time)

It almost seems counter-intuitive that I would write a post about schooling children of multiple ages and grades when I now have one child to educate, yes?   But for many years, our table looked more like this: By homeschooling standards, this is a small group.  Yet, I might be helpful to someone when it […]

From the Eyes of My Student

So, when the youngest volunteered to write a blog post for this week’s iHomeschool Network Blog Hop theme, “From the Eyes of the Student,” I was reminded of the parts of myself that continue to need work.   I learned–again–about the danger of being prideful, and I learned–again–about showing others grace.   After all, my passions, […]

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