What to Consider When Your First Day of Homeschooling is in January

I wrote this article on last year for publishing on another website. Are you beginning your homeschool journey with school-aged children in January? If so, keep reading to briefly cover the legal requirements of beginning to homeschool. The bigger task–though well worth it–might be adjusting to life at home as teacher/mom/dad with your new “student(s).”   […]

Is Your Homeschool TOO Academic?

If truth be told, there are times when we struggle to educate our children. There are subjects in which our confidence wanes. We might have consciously or unconsciously brought a public school or co-op mentality into our school, and it is not working with the very small group that makes a family. Perhaps we did […]

Do You Love to Homeschool?

Do you love to homeschool? With scores of parents making plans to pull their children from traditional school systems as I write, and others who are currently deciding never to put their child into that same system, it might seem like an ill-chosen time to “voice” those frustrations that no one blogs about—much. Yet, if […]

Curriculum Thoughts for the 2014-2015 School Year

Following the end of our regular school year in May, I deliberately took off from all the lesson plans, curriculum perusal, and gathering activities associated with the new school year such that I can breathe for a moment.   And that’s a good thing, given that we have struggled to execute even the most minimal plan […]

5 Ways to Make Difficult Topics Easier

I am convinced that in any given homeschool, there are subjects that are given more than their share of attention, and then there are those that sometimes get a bit, well, neglected, for one simple reason: Mom and/or Dad’s interest and enthusiasm about that particular topic.   I constantly meet parents who talk in terms of […]

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