Is Your Homeschool TOO Academic?

If truth be told, there are times when we struggle to educate our children. There are subjects in which our confidence wanes. We might have consciously or unconsciously brought a public school or co-op mentality into our school, and it is not working with the very small group that makes a family. Perhaps we did […]

Judge Not, Less…

  “So, where do your children go to school?” If you’ve homeschooled a minute, you’re well aware of the whirlwind of emotions that swirl within you when you respond, “We homeschool.”     The moment in time almost freezes while you wait for that follow-up question, comment, or unsolicited advice.   I read an interesting article not too […]

Current Events:1st Crack

In my last post, I shared my youngest’s desire to add current events to her course work, and, to a larger extent, to emulate her brother and sister.   She’s completed her current events for 2 weeks now, and her results are well worth capturing.    Here is a sample of her summary. “Stitches of Hope”   […]

What We’re Reading–March 2011

  Why would I sit and read individually with kids who already read? There are numerous reasons, from helping with interpretation and larger vocabulary, to increasing comprehension through the right emphasis and inflection of voice, to monitoring pace and making sure the books are read, not skimmed through.   However, the real reason that, after 7 […]

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