What Black History Teaches Us About God (part 2)

From my last post (part 1 on this same subject), I voiced how intriguing I thought this question was, among all the questions that are asked about this month: “What does black history teach us about God?” Though not an all-inclusive list, I envisioned myself sitting with tea in hand, relaxing on a comfy couch, […]

What Black History Teaches Us About God (part 1)

I am often intrigued by the responses of people regarding our celebration of what is commonly called Black History Month.  It speaks to how much race is still core to who we are as Americans; it also speaks to how fragile we can be on this same subject.  Perhaps we simply confuse discussions of race […]

Is African-American History Still Relevant?

It was historian Carter G. Woodson who conceived the idea of a designated period to acknowledge the contributions of African Americans in the making of America.   The year was 1926, and the celebration took place over one week.   According to http://www.africanamericanhistorymonth.gov/about.html (accessed January, 2014), ‘The response was overwhelming: Black history clubs sprang up; teachers demanded […]

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