This Far by Faith, Volume 1 is completed!

I was so thrilled to submit the first copies to the printer today.  I am truly excited about this project.  I have heard (and I'm sure you have, too) that 'a nation that doesn't know its history is doomed to repeat it.'   I really believe that this tool will bring history to light in an exciting way for those who use it, and my intent is to get young people thinking not only about history, but about how to use it to change the present and future.   I praise God for His vision in the completion of this project and I pray that it will bless many.

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One thought on “This Far by Faith, Volume 1 is completed!

  1. Ooh, how exciting to be having something published! What is it exactly? That is one of my dreams in the “someday when I have time” category. I’m glad to find your blog, and am enjoying perusing it. I suppose on the flavor theme, our family is chocolate-vanilla swirl!

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