What happened to the relaxed summer?

I had such simple goals when we ended the school year.  Each day we would read and do a little math.  The kids wanted to work on a couple of science projects.  I would finish writing “This Far by Faith”, I had a few teaching contracts, but I thought my goals were set:  a little school with the kids, a little scrap booking, lots of rest, and an early start in preparing for next school year.  Most of all, I thought that we'd not spend much money on summer programs since we're vacationing in August.   Then…

·       we had to keep up the progress in the kids' tennis class, right?

·       H________ (daughter) found a great praise dance class, so we had to allow M_________ (son) to take a class right?

·       H________ has long-term aspirations (at least today) of being a writer.  We found a class that we couldn't pass up, right?

Today, I took those copies to the printers I talked about earlier, and then lost track of time before going to get them.  I took a nap after a rough night with a 2-year-old and an early morning getting my husband underway in the midst of bad weather.  I blogged way too much today, excited about completing the curriculum and still on a high from that Father's Day message.  I checked in on e-mails, worked around the house, etc.  The long and short of it is here we sit at 10:00 p.m. working on math!  What in the world happened to my laid-back summer?  How'd we get here?

I'll have to study a bit about planning and making room for the Lord rather than overcrowding my days.  I know there's someone out there with wisdom;  I'll keep  you posted on what I find out.

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One thought on “What happened to the relaxed summer?

  1. I feel the same way… I had all these plans of continuing a few subjects through the summer (Math and LA) and a little reading but guess what… we haven’t done any! UGH

    Well, don’t stress too much. Just take it one day at a time.


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