Taking it day by day

When this year started, a girlfriend and I decided to be accountable to each other for weekly exercise.  We each set our goals, and each week reported to each other regarding how close we came to achieving them.  It lasted 3-4 months, and then I got so busy until I didn’t exercise, and I didn’t even slow down to write the weekly report!


I was so ministered to by Veronica at http://www.homeschoolblogger.com/WomanofGod/  when she talked about dreading the doctor’s visit and the discussion about weight.  I am past the point in my life where my weight goals are about being a size 3 (not that I ever was).  I have often told myself that with relatively young kids, this is the season in my life to put their needs before mine, to realize that I can’t do everything.   Yet, with close relatives undergoing surgeries and significant aches and pains due to obesity, I know in my heart that those excuses are just that–excuses.  I cannot sit idly by and watch these hips spread while comforting myself that at least I’m here for the family.


So last week, I got back after it.  No looking back at the weeks/months I’ve slacked off, but instead like Paul, I press on.   Losing weight would be wonderful, but my primary goal is simply to be around.  I’ve got one more time to chase a bike that’s tilting too far one way or the other.  I’ve got several more years to play tag.   I’ve got a husband that I want to stare at me longingly for years to come.   It’s no longer about being a size 3.  It’s about being around, truly being here for my family.



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One thought on “Taking it day by day

  1. Hey,
    Thanks so much for the kind comments on my blog. I am glad that the Lord used me to mininster to you. Your blog also ministers to me. I am with you in this challenge to get fit and healthy. I think I will start walking again in the mornings with the kids. This is a great workout for the arms because I have to push a double stroller(aka “the Cadillac”)~LOL~
    It is so true about our kids mimicking our behavior. So many times I see things in their attitudes that I just don’t like. Then the Holy Spirit ever so gently reminds me that they get the drama from their mama:)! I love how He keeps me in check. Have a great God Blessed Day!
    p.s. I love the way you describe your family’s homeschooling path. I’m trying to relax and take a more natural learning approach with my children. Please pray for me that I will let God take the reigns and His To Do List is what I look to each day as I minister, teach and serve my children in His Name! Sorry for writing a novel! If you think this is bad, you should meet me in person, I love to talk!

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