Sharing Precious Treasures (part 1)

We’ve been “back in school” for a week now.  In truth, I could have used another week to prepare after returning from vacation, but I was so excited about this year, with a preschooler learning a bit more formally and a “back to basics” approach to learning in general.  We were very laid back this week, I even opted for math games rather than an immediate dive into the workbooks—a monumental turn in the life of a fairly structured overachiever.   There was method in my madness; this weekend was our statewide homeschool conference, and I wanted to at least appear to be smooth in case I made any last-minute adjustments.


The introvert in me wouldn’t handle a conference each year, but I found the experience a welcome breath of fresh air.  As much as I enjoy my local network of homeschooling friends, there is much to be said about an occasional experience with people who come from a slightly different place in their homeschooling season.  It was a great time to share precious nuggets with each other that will take our homeschooling experience to the next level.   I thought I’d share my nuggets with you (and I hope you’ll do the same).  So as not to make this e-mail too lengthy,   I’ll post them separately.

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