Knowing Him vs. knowing about Him

Did you know that, according to the National Study of Youth and Religion, many American teenagers believe…


·         That God’s primary purpose is to help when we’re in trouble

·         That all good people go to heaven

·         That church is just another thing to do, and that it’s a great place to build close friendships



Such was the food for thought at a recent children’s workshop we attended.   The question on the table, and the question I’ll leave you to ponder is, Are we teaching our kids to know about Jesus, or are we teaching them to know Jesus?


At home, our Bible studies have been rich this school year, primarily because of an adjustment in my own attitude.   I have had to repent of looking at Bible study during the school day as first and foremost, but also seeing it as something that needed to be quick and fast so that we could move on to the all-important three R’s.   Reflecting upon my state of mind, I realize now how ridiculous that is, but part of moving to the next level is our realization and humble confession that we aren’t there yet.   At any rate, I returned from this workshop, and my prayer has literally been for God to remind me that there is nothing more important at our kitchen table than spending time with Him.  Even if we don’t get to everything I have planned, we’re going to take the time to understand the price that was paid for our lives, and to know the one who paid that price.   It is not enough that our children have “head knowledge” about Jesus (which is the direction our Bible study had taken for years); they need to know Jesus in a real way.  That starts with me making time for Him to visit us and minister to the children.  


As I explained to them, I can lead them to the water, but I can’t make them drink (I had a generational reality check when they questioned me as to what that phrase meant–LOL).  Ultimately, the Holy Spirit will be the one to grow their relationship and understanding, but I am willing to make time for Him at my kitchen table.  You know what’s amazing about that declaration?  I’m noticing that, even though we’re spending much more time in the Bible in the mornings, the kids are actually finishing their work faster!   Talk about blessing us daily with benefits!  Bless His name!

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One thought on “Knowing Him vs. knowing about Him

  1. At least they think God exists.
    This reminds me that what is most important is that we teach them the truth. It doesn’t have to be in the morning and should be through out the day. That we should be example of not just talking to God when we need something.

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