God Found Them

This song was written by my 11-year-old, and I thought it was beautiful.


Verse 1

There used to be a girl

With no home or friends

So she lived out on the street

She had no hope

And no clothes

And no food to eat


Chorus 1

But God found her

He gave her hope

And dreams of all kind

God found her

She loved God

With all her heart, soul and mind


Verse 2

There used to be a man

With no family

So he lived alone

He was not a Christian

So his spiritual life

Had not really shown


Chorus 2

But God found him

He gave him hope

And dreams of all kind

God found him

And he loved God

With all his heart, soul and mind



There was a man, there was a girl

They didn’t have God in their hearts

Nobody really loved them and they became set apart

God came to them and loved

Then they became one

We should praise God because He sent His only Son


Chorus 3

God found them

He gave them hope

And dreams of all kind

God found them

They loved God  

With all their heart, soul and mind

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