With my home and work schedule as of late, I’ve not had the opportunity to blog as much as I’d like.  Yet my mind has been full of ideas regarding what I might say the next time I slowed down to write.  These are truly my musings over the last week or more based upon my activities and the wise teaching I’ve been able to partake of recently.


In addition to being wife, mom, and teacher in our home, I also own, operate and develop products for A Blessed Heritage Educational Resources, and I teach college-level students part-time.   I don’t list my many responsibilities (and believe it or not, this is a partial list!) to gain either pity or awe from anyone; in fact, one of my pet peeves is to listen to another person run off a list of responsibilities as if he/she is the only person on the planet with an agenda. Instead, I choose to focus on a response to the question my friends, especially the non-homeschooling friends, often ask: “How do you do it all?


I must confess that for a long time I didn’t have an eloquent answer for this.  I would smile sheepishly in the effort to cover the “duh” moment that was occurring in my brain, and then I’d respond with something like, “Well, I’ve learned to live without as much sleep”, or, “It’s not that bad, really”.  While those responses are in part true, the real answer finally clicked this morning after hearing our pastor:    Alignment and Anointing.   When you are divinely connected and in line with God’s will for your life, as was the centurion in the book of Matthew, completing the task(s) that the Lord has given you is energizing, not draining.  When I started the business, and it was a God-given vision, I was overwhelmed with the thought that I would run it while homeschooling and teaching adult learners.  But I can stand flat-footed and say that it’s the first time in a very long time that I felt as if I was in the right place.  Rarely do I experience physical fatigue as I did when I worked my far more lucrative job “in the real world” in an environment that put the D in dysfunction.  I believe that I am now aligned to complete the task that the dear Lord God has anointed me to perform.  Not only do I believe that for me, but I believe it for you, too.  As homeschoolers, as mothers and fathers, and as people of God, His purpose in training our children in righteousness is our purpose.  We are aligned in this area.  Now teach, train, love, and learn according to your anointing.

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