More than we could ever ask for

I shared a similar testimony months ago on “PR Mama”, and responding to Twaddle Me Not’s quiverful post made me relive our experience again.   I write to encourage you, wherever you are in your homeschooling experience, as it’s always good to remember.  

I was older when we started having children.   I can still remember our decision to stop at two because of societal expectations–you can hardly find a car for more than three children in today's market!   Then, as our youngest was four and we began throwing things away, we both realized that we might not be finished.  I have to confess that neither our decision to start or to stop were prayed-upon decisions; we simply didn’t have the sense to turn our “family planning” over to God in those days, but instead followed the secular thinking about professionals and family.   We had a son and a daughter—the perfect family.

Though it’s laughable now to see our words in print (you’d have to know us then) I have actually saved the e-mail (my husband was out of town) when we decided that God had our provision already met and then some, and we began to pray about and work toward our third child.  It took a year, and during that time I had to trust God in a way that I never had before, saying that if He said no to this request, we still had a boy and a girl.  Only when I gave it to Him did we conceive, and she is the joy of our household. Not only that, but I came home from a lucrative job, and we have not skipped a financial beat.  In fact, our testimony today is that we live from my husband’s income and we bank mine!

Occasionally, we have talked about and prayed about opening our home to another child who might not be as blessed as we are.  God is so good, and there is so much here to share.   I don’t know how the Lord will direct us and our family, but I am so very thankful that His faithfulness has provided more than we could ever ask for.

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2 thoughts on “More than we could ever ask for

  1. I have found a real freedom in letting God build our family, and He has and does provide for each little child that comes our way. I treasure each baby as if it could be our last, but I have real peace about leaving the size of our family in the Lord’s hands. May you be blessed with peace as well, regardless of what (or who!) may come to your family.


  2. that I read your comment on the other post. We are a work in progress too. I have so much to learn about homeschooling and Charlotte Mason. I haven’t even finished one of her volumes yet! I try to update my methods as I go. Right now I’m using Sonlight curriculum, which helps me have a direction. I hope to use more Ambleside as time goes on. We definitely don’t have it all together either, and I hope that I didn’t come across that way. If we did get TV reception, it would only make my dh want to watch more sports too. I like not having the option. As it is, he keeps up with his sports through the internet. Who are your favorite teams? We usually root for the Chicago Bears or the KC Chiefs, but neither have done well as of late. In college basketball, we are KU Jayhawk fans. (Don’t boo me off the blog, please!)

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