Small but Precious Treasures

I’ve been keeping crazy hours the last few nights in order to get everything done.   I love one of the marquis on A Happy Home’s blog that reads, “I am SO going to blog this!”   I can totally relate as ideas have crossed my constantly, but I’ve not sat down to put them to paper.


One idea that hits me is that people learn from each other in different ways.   Though I use the blog in part for marketing and have set goals for how often I want to update it, I sometimes struggle with not having anything revelatory or life-changing something to say.   Every day just isn’t a “deep” day.  Then I remind myself that, for me, this really is a journal of how we used this season of our lives, and often the lesson comes in small but precious moments.   You never know when you might express a nugget of truth that becomes just the reassurance that someone else needs.


I was so proud of myself a couple of days ago.   The youngest is beginning phonics, and we’re covering the letter E.   I use A Beka with her simply because it’s what I know from my older two’s days in school, but I have allowed myself major flexibility in order to not burn her out on a workbook—a major step for me in letting go of some of the structure that I love so much.   Anyway, for once, I had my act together: I had boiled eggs, we talked about frog eggs, I read Dr. Seuss’ Green Eggs and Ham to her (one of her favorites), and I had the greatest joy watching her hop like a frog while she sounded out the letter and recounted the lesson.   Aaaaahhh, to be a kid again.   By the way, I found some great tips on teaching preschoolers on Jaminacema’s blog.


Other joys that the littlest brings:

  • Listening to her remind her older siblings what words come next in the memorization.  While playing around the table she has picked up the Lord’s prayer in Latin and 1 Corinthians 13!
  • Hearing her sing Israel Houghton’s from “Friend of God”:

His version: ‘I am a friend of God (repeat 3x), You call me friend.’


What it sounds like to her: ‘I’m a little friend of God (repeat 2-3x), You want me saved.’



You know what?   She’s right!  

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