Where Are We Now?

We have about two weeks to go before our spring break, which is when I begin to think about progress before that year-end push to be academically at a certain place.   I have to do it now as I fail at “springing ahead” once the time changes.   It is then that my spring fever is at its height.


So, where are we?     I’m behind on getting them started with year-end projects–where did January and February go?   We’re on track with Math and Latin, about one month ahead in Grammar, about two weeks behind in Science (even those Creation Sensation kits don’t provide everything), and about two months (!!) behind in Sonlight’s very aggressive World History curriculum.  I often have to remind myself that Sonlight was created for missionaries with far less to do in a day than we generally have, and to let the children guide the learning, not the books.  Indeed, they are learning and having a great time.   Having said that, I know that we’ll be behind in this area on next year, and typical of me, I’ve already thought about what that will do to our history studies over the next couple of years.   Pathetic, huh?  (smile)    In all seriousness, I always write my plans and goals knowing that, ultimately, the kids’ development and passion for learning are what is most important.

The kids are having a bang-up time with their science projects.    I tend to run left when everyone else is going right, so I was cautious about using the Apologia series, but I must say that I’m impressed.   It is the one subject (besides reading aloud occasionally) that my toddler will actually stop what she’s doing, even if she’s on the computer–her favorite–and come and join her older siblings.    She loves the projects and enjoys drawing pictures that accompany the notebook pages.  She was actually upset today when our Alka Seltzer-fueled rocket blew up too quickly and didn’t fly as it should.   So, Dad is out trying to find a bigger film canister for his smallest princess.   It’s good to be a girl.

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2 thoughts on “Where Are We Now?

  1. How perfect to read this post. I'm considering Apologia, and I wanted to know if the Elementary Astronomy had a large section on the earth. Also, do you know where I can view the table of contents or course outline for this book?

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