Ready for a break

Whew!   We’re taking a break along with the public school kids next week since all of our normal extracurricular activities are cancelled.    With the kids’ dance schedule, we’ve not had much of an opportunity to travel with Dad this year.   So I’m looking forward to freeing us from our schedule a bit and getting on the road.  Our mini-getaway is just what the doctor ordered.  I still need to write and teach, but I will perhaps get more done if I can just lay in the bed with my laptop—yeah, right!


I’m also beginning to think about next year with my preschooler.   She is the first kid that I will have started “from scratch” with homeschooling.   We’re using A Beka, the curriculum that the older kids used in private school simply because that’s what I know.   It gave the older ones such a great foundation with phonics, but I’m struggling with using it on an individual level.    I have read through a number of articles and some great blogs about starting with preschoolers, and I really am trying to not set the stage for workbook burnout—hers and mine.   On the other hand, I know the fruit I see in my older two.   Hence, my dilemma.    Thus far, we’ve worked with a hybrid of the books, using them as a base while adding in the kinesthetic and auditory components—foods, music, and plain touching of flowers, etc.   Of course, we read a lot, although admittedly I don’t get to read to her as I’d like.  The one thing I did get right is to introduce short lessons with her; we rarely work over 30 minutes. 


I think that is the larger issue—time.   When we began, the older two are closer in age, and there was ample opportunity to go to the library for books.   Now I am juggling the great books and ideal workday for the older ones with the feeling that I’m robbing the toddler.   My head knows that the youngest will not miss college if we make an adjustment, or don’t have “school” everyday (which we don’t, dependent upon her readiness to learn).  I definitely need to back up, to think, plan, and of course pray about how to proceed before I spend money on an entire K-4 curriculum that I won’t use half of.   Thank God for the breather.

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4 thoughts on “Ready for a break

  1. Hi Belinda:

    I love your blog, and the blog title is awesome, "With a Taste of Chocolate." Simply love it!

    As you know, I began formally homeschooling my first grade son starting with the 2006-2007 school year. However, I did a lot of homeschooling when he was in home daycares while I, unfortunately, was out "making a living." I used a variety of resources, including a lot of workbooks. I really didn't know anything else to use at the time, so I used library books, books that I purchased, read to him, counted with him, etc. We also did some arts and crafts projects. At the time, I didn't have a computer at home–so resources were very limited. Despite all this, my son learned so much that it amazed even me!

    I would say, most definitely, pray and let the Lord lead you in all this. He does not make mistakes and will lead you to the resource(s) that will work best for you and your preschooler.

    I'm glad you and your family have the opportunity to take a break; enjoy!Edited by msphyllis on Mar. 11, 2007 at 9:55 AM

  2. How is the blog template hunt going? 🙂

    And, along the lines of your seeking more time, have you had a chance to read and apply Managers of Their Homes yet? I think I remember you were going to look into that, but it could be just brain memory failure on my part (not an unusual occurance LOL)


  3. I'm so glad you stopped by my blog!!! As for your little one…. take a deep breath, now relax!!!!! 🙂 Seriously, I had all these intentions to do the "perfect" preschool with my little one, well he will be starting K this coming year and actual preschool never really happened. Don't get me wrong, he's learned TONS, but thats just it, at this age, it doesn't take much for them to learn. He comes to me when he wants to "do school work" like his big brother, I give him some stuff to do and he does it until he gets bored and he goes off to play. Just playing with them, talking to them, reading to them, letting them watch good quality videos, older siblings interacting with them, doing activities with them, including them in older sibling's learning, going on field trips, ect., all this teaches a little one. Just keep in mind, years ago, children didn't go to preschool or even K and they got a better education than most children do now. So please don't fret over it and stress yourself out anymore than you already are. Good luck!!!

  4. Thanks for leaving 2 comments on my blog yesterday, Mrs Anonymous – I mean Belinda 🙂 I like watching my post count go up….

    We use sonlight as our curriculum but i'm using Abeka cursive since it's the only curriculum that we've found starting with cursive. There was no manual with it though so I've just having her trace and write like it says 🙂

    she loves pretty things and the other day she asked if she could write her spelling words in cursive because it's prettier!

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