Monday already?

Where does the time go?   Eclectic education was right; by the time I finished the pre-spring break post talking about the toddler and how to handle her schooling for next year, I had worked myself into an anxious wreck about all that wasn’t happening with school.  That’s why the Bible tells us to mind our tongues.   We do hold the power of life and death on them, and my words had ushered in doubt and fear.  Thankfully, with the break came much-needed relaxation and peace.   I will spend the time in the next couple of months making careful and prayerful decisions about what she needs (if anything) next year based upon goals and where I’d like her to be academically by the time she turns five.


Am I the only one who has children whose legs grow 3-4 inches overnight?   It seems as if there is a spurt in which we’re constantly replacing pants, shorts and underwear.   That’s where we were over the weekend, and I so hate shopping.   It’s hard to believe that “mall” was my middle name while in college; with the little money I had I hit the stores weekly.   Now with the crowds, the traffic, the noise, the constant “excuse me”, “pardon me”, “sorry”—YUCK!    Even my husband—the extrovert in our marriage—found himself longing for the online stores.  I learned from one of our associate pastors to always pray about getting the best for less when I shop, and if there is a silver lining to the cloud over my brain by the time we hiked back to the car, it had to be that I felt pretty good about being able to find everything that we needed and stayed within the dollar figure I had budgeted.


This morning was our first day back.   We started late after a late night last night, and it’s been slow going all day.  I consider myself an early bird, but having to drag everyone else can sure weigh you down.  Even though I’m determined to get to bed earlier tonight, the oldest is still reading and sulking that she missed evening television because of work that wasn’t completed earlier.   I sure hope she makes different choices tomorrow because I could use the shut-eye!

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One thought on “Monday already?

  1. I know what you mean about shopping! It's not fun taking the kids and trying to get everything done fast but on limited funds!

    We also are trying to set goals for the upcoming year, getting ready to order the next curriculum for our dd age 6 and trying to decide what to do with 3.5 yo – he really wants to do school too! It will be interesting to be doing 2 kids at once! I hope you are getting back into the swing of things after the break you had.

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