The Deliberate Holiday

 …from work, that is.   Yesterday, I very intentionally did not touch the computer (other than to check in on a few blogger friends).   With all the time on my hands, I was able to: 

  • Vacuum downstairs
  • Clean all the bathrooms (I even took a toothbrush and went around the faucets!)
  • Folded 2 loads of clothes
  • Washed dishes and ran the dishwasher
  • Changed all the bed linen
  • Washed and braided the toddler’s hair

Is this what it feels like to not work?   Man, I could get accustomed to seeing the house look like this again!   This morning I was on such a high from yesterday until I continued by beginning the next cycle of washing/drying/folding/putting away, and I cleaned the dresser and nightstand in our bedroom by sorting all the papers (spare time reading) that we never got around to getting rid of.    Time flew, but what a way to look back and feel as if I truly accomplished something.

 Our youngest has been struggling for several days with what I believe is an allergy to fresh-cut grass.    On last year, after playing in grass that was freshly cut, she came in complaining of being achy.   The next thing we knew she had sporadic fits of hives bursting out in various parts of her body.    We took her to the doctor, got the appropriate meds and never thought any more about it—until this year.    She came home from the neighbor’s yard with, yes, fresh cut grass, and began to complain of her legs hurting.   This time she developed a fever and runny nose.   The fever just broke permanently today—3 days later, but the runny nose persists.   She played more today and ate more food, though she’s still not back to herself, so I know our prayers are working.   Looks like we’ll be at the doctor’s on tomorrow.

 Now it is tomorrow.   I sat at the doctor’s thinking that I had wasted our co-pay money as my daughter sat bouncing around and wanting to play with the toys in the office.   Yet, I was glad I went, as the allergy had passed, but a secondary infection was building.   The prayers continue to work, but I also believe that God works through doctors, so for the next few days, we’ll supplement prayer with allergy meds, cough syrup, and eye drops.

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2 thoughts on “The Deliberate Holiday

  1. About my new dishwasher….it comes in stainless steel! so if you do ever decide to get a new one I can highly recommend mine!!!


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