Mocha Mom’s Homeschooling Network Teleconference

These have been busy days as we wind down, but all labors of love.   I’m enjoying sleeping in a bit before we get started in the mornings as we wrap up various courses, and so don’t have as much to do in a day.   Of course, we’ve set the stage for it with some late nights as the kids are decorating their blogs.   They’ve found blinkies, and I’m becoming the template-editing guru!

I was honored to speak to the Mocha Mom’s Homeschooling Network via teleconference recently, and I count it a joy and a privelege to have been able to share our passion and business with such a wonderful group of ladies.    I learned perhaps more than I shared.   For those interested, I have posted the transcript of the teleconference on the homepage of our website at  


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3 thoughts on “Mocha Mom’s Homeschooling Network Teleconference

  1. I have tears in my eyes and my throat is tight. Why? Because I read this Line…. I am speaking of promoting both personal growth and active and intelligent citizenship… Never has there been a better definition or explanation. Bravo!

    This is (one of) my Granddaughter's blogs, perhaps your children might like to visit it.

    So blessed by your transcript and so motivated to read a story aloud to my Grandchildren instead of them reading to me. Their Mom is very Charlotte Mason Styled in her teaching. I was less so, but I have been converted watching her!

    Because of Jesus, Bobbie

  2. Bobbie sent me over to check out your blog. I am looking forward to peeking into your world. Have a great day!


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