Sweet Dreams

I had the sweetest dream about a large group of us connecting for a party at a fellow blogger’s home.    Apparently we had grown weary of sharing recipes, encouraging each other, and being Cyberspace buddies and decided to do all of that and more face-to-face.   The funny thing was that we couldn’t remember each other’s real names, so we made the biggest joke of calling each other by our blog names.   There was even a white-haired, "seasoned" (so as not to say old) sister in the faith who had listed her profile age as 1, so we kept referring to her as the "little girl".   I had such a fun time at the party that I stayed to help clean up after the party ended, but wound up taking a nap on the sofa with whomever was the host.    I was awakened by the host’s huge dog who insisted on a game of fetch.    I’m sure the first part of the dream meant that I was thinking of you and missing you, but I wonder what that dog was about?   Anyway, I’ll be thinking of you, my blogging friends, praying for you, and wishing you the best of days.  

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6 thoughts on “Sweet Dreams

  1. My girlfriend actually just did this! Yes! She and some other ladies connected on a loop yyyyeeeeaaarrrsss ago and the loop was shut down. They started their own private loop to stay in touch and have done so the last few years. One had access to a timeshare and they went for it…had a 4 day stay just hanging out after years of cyber convo.

    Your dream could be prophetic.

    Or maybe you're just wanting a dog.

  2. How crazy. I bet no one looks like what we think that they do. Was I at your party?! I wonder what people think I look like…

    Anyway, I think I would not be comfortable there. I am not a party-type person. I can be much more myself, and much less self-conscious when I can hide behind a computer screen. I'm even that way with my own family. I was a wall-flower as a little girl, then came out of my shell a bit in my young-adulthood, but I'm finding myself again feeling awkward at making IRL friends again now. I think I tend to hide behind my kids (not literally) too.

    Anyway, probably more about me than you wanted to know!


  3. This brought a smile to my face. I don't think i've dreamed about blogland yet, but i'm sure i will someday.

    It would be fun to have a party, wouldn't it?

    By the way, i love what you've done with your template, adding the photo at the top.

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