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My daughter tagged me the other day, and this is one tag that I will make the time to respond to (thanks to the rest of you who understand that my intentions are good, but sometimes I simply run out of time.  First, the rules:

Every time you are tagged you must copy and paste the story on your post and add 2 lines and tag 7 others. If you choose to end a story it must be more then 20 lines and you must start another one with 2 lines and tag 7 people. Story must not exceed 50 lines. Post these rules on your blog.

I’m going to end the story, but I won’t start a new one.  I think people ahead of me violated the 50-line maximum, so I’ll keep going.   Thanks, singergirl, for thinking of me!

Once upon a time there was an awesome guitarist named Gary. Gary was amazing; he could play any song you can think of. Well, like any awesome guitarist, Gary started a band called Gary’s Band. After a while they weren’t getting any gig and such until one day they got a phone call. It was a friend of Matt Thiessen from Relient K who had heard them one time when Gary’s band was playing at a youth function. They were blown away when he told them that he thought they were good enough to go on tour with the group. With the guys in Gary’s band ecstatic to be playing with such an awesome group as Relient K, they packed up and took off to California. While on the way to California it began to rain heavily. Gary began to worry they wouldn’t make it to California to play! So they just sat, somberly, looking out of the windows. Then things started to get worse. First off, the rain wasn’t rain at all; Gary saw when he looked harder. It was hail. And as he looked, the hail began to grow larger. Soon it was the size of ping-pong-balls! "We got to stop!" Matt Thiessen yelled back from the steering wheel. So they kept going till they came to a small town called Happy Town. They went to a hotel but when they went in, there was nobody there, then all of a sudden the door closed behind them. They tried to open the door, but it was LOCKED. So they decided they would just go to sleep. So they found 3 rooms and went to sleep. When they were all awake, they decided to go find the kitchen. When they found it, they opened all the doors. But all that was in there was tomatoes and pineapples. So they ate them. All of a sudden the floor opened, and Matt Thiessen fall through before they could stop him. Under the floor was a secret hideout for Thugs! The thugs were not there so they did not have to fight anyone. Matt said, "How am I going to get out of here?" Then the thugs jumped out from behind a door. One of the thugs grabbed Matt’s arms while another grabbed his feet. They busily began tying ropes around them while a third thug supervised. Matt suddenly had a brainstorm! Meaning that the hail from outside was now falling on his head. While he was being tied up, he said that his only regret to life was that he had never met an Elvis impersonating Penguin. One of the thugs said, "I can do a great impersonation of Elvis!" He pulled off the black mask that he was wearing and underneath was a pink penguin. "I just wanna be your teddy bear!" he sang! Then, while all the other thugs were watching him dance, Gary and the others pulled Matt back up with a rope. They ran to the door so that the thugs wouldn’t get them, but the door was still locked!! Gary ran into his room and started to pray for help. Just then his knee hit a button of some sort and a secret door opened. He fell (yet again) down a very long and dark tunnel, of which there seemed to be no end. Just when he wanted to die, he stopped falling, bouncing insanely on something stretchy and slimy….  A bubble gum trampoline partly covered in snake skin! “Yuck!” Gary shouted as he wondered who in the world put that nasty trampoline there.    [My added lines] Then he woke up, realizing that it was all a dream.   Boy, how very thankful he was to open his eyes and know that he wasn’t stuck in Hubba Bubba Bubble Gum!

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  1. I hope its oksy to do this tag, I love your ending and I want to start one next Tuesday. (: in the meantime, I tagged your kids through YOUR blog. I thought they might want to do it.

    I hope to catch up with everyone tonight, but mt daughter just pulled in so I am off for now.

    because of Jesus, Bobbie

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