The Charmed Life (or at least I think so)

We’ve been in school for about a month now.  In fact, we’re only a few weeks off from taking a week-long fall break!  Yet, I’m enjoying reading the posts of many friends who are starting school more formally within the last couple of weeks. 


Inevitably, I read about the mom, new or seasoned at this, who has to educate at home much to the chagrin of relatives and close friends.   It so incenses me the way that some people make it their business to condemn you and your children based upon your decision to educate at home.   I’m convinced that this has far more to do with their own insecurities than with our choices.  Lord knows I’ve been there, and at times I’m still there!   So I couldn’t help but smile as I reflected on our last few days and my “poor, isolated” children who are “doomed to mediocrity at best”:


For those who may not have read my blog for too long (which is most of you, gauging from my comment count), my son dances—ballet, tap, and this year, jazz.   I wrote over a year ago about his and our adjustment to his love for dance.   Well, when we arrived for his tap class, we found out that he has been selected to perform as a part of the competitive dance team.    My husband and I laughed about having to increase our love of beans and rice more to outfit these kids for dance, but it’s worth the investment to teach them about passion, commitment, and determination.   An equally awesome accomplishment, the oldest has been selected to the pointe class, for which we are also very grateful and proud.  It’s just that the son’s promotion on Tuesday was a total surprise.


Yesterday was the oldest’s day for science—learning about density via adding salt to water and observing an egg that sank initially gradually float.   She had to fight with her sister and brother to drop teaspoons of salt and the egg into the glass of water.   As we read about Sebastian Bach walking 200 miles for the opportunity to attend music school, the same kid broke into a mini math lesson to see how long this walk would take for a child.   Then there was today.   As we read about the Holocaust, you could feel the hush of shock and sadness over the kids as they looked at pictures while I told the story.   The youngest is learning about plants (thanks to bubbebobbie, we’ve got a great sweet potato plant that’s progressing much faster than the beans!) and putting together a felt pillow using tea leaves as dye.   We had some great quality time together as she and her brother sipped on peppermint tea.  Later, over a morning Fuji apple snack, the oldest exclaimed, “Thanks, Mom.   These are my favorite kind.”   I thought she said these are my favorite times, and so I smiled inside and out as I replied, “Yea, mine, too.”


The kids don’t fight each other for learning opportunities every day—oh, how I wish.   But I’ll take these opportunities over the insistence that there’s something better about loading them on a school bus and into someone else’s care any day.  

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9 thoughts on “The Charmed Life (or at least I think so)

  1. Congratulations to your son! You must be so proud of his hard work!

    I love reading about daily homeschooling stories. The "mini math lesson" is great. Thanks for sharing!


  2. My son loved to dance, the first time I remember him dancing was with me on New Year's eve when he was four years old. His daddy had to work and Heatherlee was spending the night with a friend, so he stayed up with me to be my date. It was so much fun. (he turned 30 this week)
    When he joined the Air Force he rediscovered dance. He began touring Germany with a Country Line dance team as Air Force Ambassadors to the German Community. I never thought Dance would be used in that manner.

    I love that the Sweet Potato is growing so well, do we get to see a pcture?

    Because of Jesus, Bobbie

  3. I really appreciated your entry today, I needed to hear that. Today, I thought to myself, you're crazy girl…you have three children that you're trying to educate, a four year old neice that you're caring for, building a house, and taking care of the one we live in now. I feel totally overwhelmed…but, today, I felt a glimmer of 'Homeschool Hope' as I read your entry. My heart is there, I'm just trying to catch up physically. Thanks for the tip on copying my template! You were the one and only friend that I checked in on last night…I almost left a comment last night because I was curious how you got your family picture up on the top of your template?? Love you Sister,
    Blessings on your comings and goings,

  4. It is hard to say what sticks, until later when it comes out of their mouth. You seem to be doing well and the schedule seems to be working for you. I love it when kids start using a word or singing song they have just learned.

  5. Don't you so love the flow of h/s-ing? Don't you SO LOVE having tea with your children!

    I think we simply can't put them into a brick-n-mortar school because they'd be ridiculed for having tea with their mother. Yup, we'll just have to muddle along in our buoyant egg and read-aloud days to preserve them from that plight!

  6. how appropo. my husband is still fuming over a weekend conversation with his dad, who, even though he was a lousy father, tells us that our kids need to be in school socializing.
    by the way, fuji's are my oldest child's (son) favorite apple also. actually the only fruit he will eat.

  7. Congrats to your son! Your daughter, too, for the pointe class. My daughter (she's 6) is in her 2nd year of ballet. She auditioned and got a part in the Nutcracker this Christmas. I already had the "let down" speech prepared for when the rejection letter came in the mail, but thankfully I didn't have to use it. Now she wants to take tap, too. She's going to bankrupt us! lol. Those costumes ARE expensive!!!

    I meant to pop over here last week & just didn't get to it. Now I know why. I needed to read this post. I've been bombarded by negativity this week. You know…"Your daughter needs to be with other children. Your sheltering her too much." and "It's such a shame. She'll never get into a good college and she's such a bright girl." Ugh. It just really got to me today. So, as usual, God brought me to your blog at just the right time.

    I was planning on coming over last week & telling you that DH & I want to do the Disney cruise & land trip sometime as well. We have friends who just did that and really loved it.

    Take care,

  8. These ARE the best times!

    When people say how they pity my kids, I look at them like they've just grown a 2nd head! LOL

    I drive by and see their kids behind a chain link fence, driven to and fro by a teachers whistle and a bell. Sitting in a classroom for 6 hours a day, then home to do 3 hours of homework. I pity their children.

    I do TRY to keep that pity to myself though. I don't always succeed, but I do try. 😉 (wink)


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