No microwave and pixie dust? No problem! (Lesson 12, pt.1 of I Am…So You Don’t Have to Be)

Such exciting things have been happening here, and I so wish that I could share them with you, but for right now, it all has to stay, as “Donkey” from the movie Shrek says, on the ‘hush-ity hush!’   Just know that our God is able to do exceedingly and abundantly over all that we can ask or think, according to the power that is already working in us! (Ephesians 3:20)


We took a break from school this week, and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect.   After a grueling week of preparing exams and grading papers for other big and little kids, I used today to catch up at home.   I actually had to wear a jacket this morning!   While cleaning out the flower beds, the Lord gave me this-coming Sunday’s lesson for the teen class.   I completed my annual cleaning of the garage—glad I took a couple of Alleve tablets first.   With me pushing a broom and coughing up dust, the kids actually stayed outside for several hours.  Charlotte Mason would be proud.   My plan on tomorrow is to wake up early and finish the remaining beds.   I love the results of gardening, but it’s more than a notion, that’s for sure.


This week’s questions are as follows:


1. We discussed how we are God’s fame and He is ours. Have you ever been in a situation where you are applauded for your ministry and had to fight back the idol of pride? Ever been tempted to believe your own press? It’s okay to admit it! Your testimony will help others in their resolve!
2. Did it ever occur to you in the 3-way drama of God, Job, and Satan that Satan was the only one outside the loop as far as Job’s reactions would be? Does this encourage you in resolving to make a fool of him when he attempts to use you to defame the Name?

3. Are you in a situation now where you feel you are being overcome? Better yet, are you in a situation where you should have been overcome but are not?

4. Have you failed in a Satan-designed trial? Can you recognize God intends for this failure to refine and resolve you for next time? God is not out for your destruction but your perfection!

5. Can you describe yourself as a Wonders Junkie? Found yourself in spiritual highs and lows depending on whether you perceived God was doing wondrous things or not?

6. Have you ever been like Philip and had God right in your face and not recognized Him?

7. Journal a brief prayer asking God for His Glory. Let it be the thing we all desire above all else…..


For the sake of making my post clear and concise, I will actually split this lesson into two parts.  Dealing with pride, at least for me, is an entry on its own. 


The Wonders Junkie…hmmm.   I love the term and I could sooooo relate.    When I was less mature in my Christian walk, I heard enough over the years to believe this was the mark of the mature Christian—God speaking to you each and every moment, miracles occurring about you all the time, never a moment of trial.   I’ve often felt that we are fed that message, if only in a subtle way, by the celebrity evangelists that bombard the Christian airways.   The problem with this message is that it leaves those of us who seek the Lord in prayer and study regularly feeling condemned.  Reading the Bible, and especially appreciating the length of time that might have actually occurred between one chapter to the next, has taught me differently than we are sometimes led to believe.   In His infinite wisdom, He did nothing in the microwave/ pixie dust-like fashion that we’re accustomed to today.   He wanted to show us that faith is an action word, and we rarely see it mentioned in the Bible without a lesson in perseverance right beside it.  


I can remember once when my husband and I were dating, we were running late to a church event, and then a train guard came down, alarms and all, right before our path.    I began to pray and the guard immediately went back up.    He and I looked at each other with our mouths wide open.    At other times I’ve prayed for the healing of others and seen instant relief of their ailments.   WOW!   Though I know better, I still love the possibility of being one who sees constant wonders.    Yet, this morning’s gentle word as I pulled weeds from the garden is how I’ve come into a more intimate walk with God.  Instead of acts which surpass my imagination, He leads me into prayer and fasting, giving me each day my daily bread, and bringing me into a keener sense of His oh, so quiet, whisper as opposed to the bellow from a nearby burning bush.    As long as He’s in the midst of it, that’s okay, too.

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