Free Sushi and The Longest Comment Contest

I had a couple of “academic funnies” that occurred in the last weeks.   The first happened after we returned from the fish market.   The guy who filleted our tilapia gave me both the filets and boned meat in the middle, which is of no use to me, so I put these out under our oak tree in Squanto-like fashion.   Was I supposed to put it in the ground, or is laying it on top and letting it decay sufficient?   I kept looking outside thinking, did I fertilize the tree, or just give the ants and cats free sushi?


The second short story involves my son and one of his blogging buddies.  They had a competition to see who could post the longest comment to one another. The friend  wrote an original, but lengthy, poem, and so my son came and asked, “What was the name of that poem that you talked about in history?”   I didn’t think much of his question then, but when I checked his blog later and casually followed the train of comments between he and his friend, my son had posted “The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere” as his comment!  (He won, by the way).  And we think they don’t listen to us! LOL

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