A Prayer for our Children.

This family held their daughter’s funeral on today.  Oh, my sisters and brothers, we do not have long, and we have to get serious about the things that God is serious about.   I didn’t spend as much time with polishing; I simply wanted to write my heart.   Would you join me in prayer?  

Father, even in the midst of written word, we welcome You.   There is none like You and there is no one beside You. We were created to praise You, oh, Lord.  We stand in the midst of lawlessness and Godlessness and we need a fresh dose of You.   We need a fresh anointing of purpose and direction.    This day we come crying out to you to save our children, to heal our land, to right that which is wrong in us and in our generations to come.   Here we stand, calling upon you to touch our children in a mighty way, to save them, and then to give them strategies, ideas, boldness, and a determination to do Your will.    We ask that they not waste precious time, that they not take the days before them for granted, but to instead reach out to You while You may be found.   In the mighty name of Jesus we come against distractions in their lives, we come against spirits of wickedness, of manipulation and deceit that would sway them from You and Your purpose in their lives.   We plead the blood of Jesus over them and cancel all demonic assignments; we cast demons off of them and into the very pit of hell in Your name, Lord Jesus.   Baptize them in the fire of the Holy Ghost that they may speak Your words in boldness, and so that their light will shine before men that they will cry out, asking, “What must I do to be saved?”    As You turn all of us around, God, and as You give us victory, let our hearts not be filled with pride, but with praise.   Let us acknowledge You always as what You are—Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End, perfect in all your ways.   All that we have comes from You, and we give You permission to touch the most secret places in us and in our children, to do a mighty work in us.   We thank you in advance for a mighty work in us and in our children, one that will give You glory.   All praises to your name.   Halleluiah!

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6 thoughts on “A Prayer for our Children.

  1. Thanks for sharing your heart.

    I understand too well that time is short. My brother-in-law died in January at the age of 65 from nothing special other than it was just his time to go see Jesus. So yes, we must remind each other to live as if this moment could be our last.


  2. Jesus, Hearts are broken, time is short and Your Arm wraps around and reaches out all at the same time. Holy Spirit do what you do, comfort and call. In all things great and small we trust you. YOU are LORD. We trust You. Weeping lasts the Night and the Night can seem so dark and so long. My Joy come in the Morning with YOU, the Light of the World.
    Because of Jesus, Bobbie

    my granddaughters' friend Elaine (12yo) was diagnosised Tuesday with aBrain Tumor. Surgery to remove it was on Friday. Please pray for her and her family as well.

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