This year’s garden

At one time, I had the bright idea of beginning a second-blog–a nature blog.   I have to laugh at such a preposterous idea at this point as I struggle to keep this one as updated as I’d like.   Blogging can quickly become addictive, especially in an environment like HSB.   Where else do you get such encouragement, such warmth, and such wisdom?    However, I am finally getting the point–really getting the point–of paring down my activities and spending more time with the people and things that I consider high priorities.       Once I laid down my outside teaching responsibilities, I felt such a freedom in just being around the kids a bit more often.    Dance is over as of next week, and our church’s children’s programs take a break during the month of June.   We’ll have lots of time to simply breathe in each other’s space without the pressure of being on a tight timeline (usually the norm for us).   While starting to close down many of our books, I am fighting myself to do a new thing and not take on more outlets for the kids to get involved in.   Living near a big city means that every museum, college, park, and anything kid-friendly has the next great summer workshop.

So, even though I have placed the second blog WAY on the back burner, I love spring!   So, I’ll go ahead and post the pictures of our flower beds and plants here rather than continue holding them back for the second blog.     


This year, I went back to one of my favorite low-maintenance beauties, caladiums.    I was so afraid that I’d planted them too early as right after I put them in the ground, we got a freakish cold spell.    When the first leaf came, I went running out to get shots.   Unfortunately, the 2-year-old next door thought they were attractive, too–pretty enough to pull right out of the ground.   Anyway, so far we’ve managed to keep most of them planted.   I also kept a number of the old standbys–sego bushes, dusty millers, lantana, mimosa, banana trees and elephant ears.  I also have a relatively new find–Mexican firebrushes.  Around late summer, butterflies and hummingbirds love them, so we have a built-in nature study.

At any rate, this is our garden this year.   Once, we wrap up the recital, we’ll hit the road with Dad.   South Texas, with its tropical climate, and east Texas with its piney woods, promise to provide us with continued photos of God’s beautiful creation, even if I won’t have a separate  blog to post all that I take in. 

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4 thoughts on “This year’s garden

  1. I can't wait to plant!….still in the low forties…..
    Lots of people have nature blogs. I love them! I especially like Keri's.

    Miss you….

    Because of Jesus, Bobbie

  2. I hope you have an relaxing enjoyable summer. Traveling with Dad sounds like fun. I'm itchin' to go somewhere….lots of places, most any place! : )
    This is the first year one of my younger ones will have a summer program experience other than VBS, so we're a little more hectic than usual. Two weeks of art camp, followed by VBS. It might not be so bad if they weren't 3 weeks in a row. Oh, well. Our July will be slower.
    How is that we 2 HOMEschoolers can't seem to stay at home??!!

  3. Boy, do YOU have the green thumbs!!! They are beautiful. I somehow kill anything I plant. Strange, how that happens…

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