Our Hurricane Testimonies

Is it me, or does anyone else marvel at God in these last days?   I am constantly amazed at the increased frequency and intensity of natural disasters in the last 5 years.  Of course, perspective is everything, and it could be that I’m noticing these more now because they are affecting me personally.


Three years ago and one month after Katrina, we evacuated our area in preparation of Hurricane Rita.   Every time we travel that freeway, I still remember, vividly, our testimony: 16 hours to travel 80 miles.   Expecting to reach our destination a lot sooner than we did, we ate breakfast and left with little water and almost no non-perishable food. I’ve never tasted a more refreshing soda than those we found halfway on the journey.  Our son had a bad cold when we left; by the time we reached our hotel, he had sweated out every ounce of illness.   God was so faithful to us then.    I remember that my husband, in the effort to save gas, wanted to take his company car and tie our evacuation plans into a business trip.   I believe it was divine that his fuel injection system malfunctioned, and we were forced to take our bigger, more comfortable family car.   The few gas stations that were open didn’t take his company gas card, and with a failing fuel injector, we would have had to make any number of stops.   The families who blessed our family with a home were no less of a blessing; we didn’t experience one day of feeling out of place or out of sorts.   Finally, we returned to only a few shingles missing and a leaning tree—now our Rita memorial.


So, what is our Ike testimony?   We grew wiser, this time taking plenty of water, snacks and fruit.    We left earlier, ahead of the traffic.   We grew stronger; even 3 hours northeast, we were in the hurricane’s path, and had to tough out a howling Category 1 wind and 10 hours in a hotel with no electricity.   I learned that the kids really do understand the power of prayer.    Our second hotel, 3 hours west, made me aware of how very blessed we were as we passed house after house with trees in the roof, on the porch, or touching some electrical line outside.   Here we’ve had every amenity to comfort the temporarily homeless—cheap food, ample groceries, and a delightful hotel with a pool and 2 televisions in the room (helps take everyone’s mind off the gravity of the Ike aftermath).


I’ve seen task forces from as far as Puerto Rico.   I’ve heard of grocery supply trucks from as far as Los Angeles.     I know that there are people without power, without gas, without food, without, without, without.   I know that others have lost more than mere comfort, and I pray that many are turning back to Jesus.    We are still blessed as all the damage we’ll return to, according to a neighbor, is a knocked down fence.  I rejoice that my biggest concern here is how to complete a science experiment in a hotel (smile).   The children are accustomed to school on the road–why change now?  Besides, they’ll love me this summer when their friends are making up lost days.

 Each day, there is a reason to experience God’s grace; each day, we can receive His peace.   He is still so very faithful, and I’m thankful that I’m His, and He is mine.   Every day.    

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6 thoughts on “Our Hurricane Testimonies

  1. "in all your ways, acknowledge Him…"

    I'm so glad you guys are okay. My brother (in Houston) was very blessed as well. There is much chaos there right now and he's got power and even water pressure is back. Now, if only he can find food and supplies in a store that is open… oh, and gasoline too. So many businesses are without power and without goods. So many people are hungry and growing desperate. It's not pretty. I don't even want to TALK about the Galveston residents!!

    Did I ever tell you I once lived in Houston? We lived there from 1992-1994. Rachel was born there. Fun place… but too fast and too big for me. 🙂

  2. So glad you are ok and that your loss at home is small. I hope you get home soon. We are praying for everyone.
    Our family lived through hurricane Floyd cat.4 and several smaller ones when we lived in Fayetteville, NC. It is a family tradition to go out into the eye of a hurricane. Yes, I come from a crazy family tree. LOL. I carried on that tradition in Bonnie. It was amazing to see the wildness that had come but be standing in complete peace and calm. God's promise was in the eye of that storm and we felt totally at peace and calm. My grandmother said it was a once in a life time experience! I am glad I did it once. (100 miles inland with no worries of storm surge).
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  3. Wow, what a testimony!!!! Thanks so much for sharing. We praise God for your safe travels and provision of your every need, as well as the remarkably undamaged home. We pray for a safe trip home for your's and all the other evacuated families. God bless.

  4. Oh, Belinda! I had no idea you were having to evacuate. I have a hard time keeping up with where everyone is. : ( I am so glad you are all through it safely, with news that your home was protected. It was so great to hear how God worked through your exasperating evacuation the last time. Thankful for His loving, protective hand over your family. Hope you can get back home soon.

  5. Can't tell you how relieved I was to see your post! Miki and I have been lifting you up all weekend in prayer, even up to this morning. God truly is good. We continue to lift up our friends Mike and Gina in Galveston, who we haven't made contact with yet. May God keep a Psalm 91 protection around you all even as you return to your home.

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