3 thoughts on “Sites from the Vicksburg National Military Park

  1. Ok now I am home sick. I spent many days running through the park attending fest, event and school trips. I forgotten most of the it until I saw your pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  2. What awesome pictures!!! I've driven through Vicksburg before (Mississippi, right?) and didn't know they had such a park. How sad…

    I haven't seen the score since halftime, but the Steelers were winning by 4. Yesterday was good – but only because the Colts won. My first team lost to the Giants. 🙁 I was really hoping for an upset. For my DH's sake and for yours, I hope the Steelers win tonight. 🙂

    So… did you make the kiddos write reports on the field trip? *LOL* I actually did that my first year of HSing. Again, how sad…

  3. How neat is this?! I can see, and practically visit, all these places that I have yet been able to just by visiting your blog and others! Great pictures, so clear!

    We are doing well…..halfway done with our year — so we have been busy bees. But looking forward to a nice long month break in Dec!

    Its time to get the tea and china back out as the cold has set in this week……we are eager!!!

    Have a blessed week!

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