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It’s amazing how much we Americans tie into our sports.   In the midst of a struggling economy, we laud sports athletes and pay ungodly sums of money to people for, in essence, succeeding at playing children’s games.  So I feel bad about my euphoria these last two Sundays after seeing the Steelers and the Colts win.   Shame on me.   Well, I’ll redeem myself by stopping by Karen’s to comfort her since the Cowboys took a last-minute beating (smile).


We are two weeks away from a three-week break.   This will be our last full week as, on next week, I plan to just allow the kids to get the work done that is a priority in terms of scheduling.    I was so proud of myself that this has perhaps been the first year that we were close to on track, whatever that means, in every subject.   Historically, I wind up woefully behind in science after not being up-to-speed on my “common household items,” and we started late with history this year after finishing late on last year, and we were away from home for 1-1/2 weeks following the hurricane (though we had some form of school while we were away).   Being this close to a penciled-in halfway mark is quite an accomplishment.   It’s worn me out, but I’m crashing with a smile on my face, you know?


Our pastor has been preaching a series for a while now entitled ‘Change Your Mind, Change Your World.’   It’s been illuminating for me learning about the process of salvation, and how, when we struggle with issues, we slip into doubt about so many things.   This doubt can include questioning whether or not we were truly saved if the situation gets bad enough.     When it comes to homeschooling, I know that I’ve slipped into a pity party a time or two when things are not going well, though thankfully, I’ve grown wiser about the harm of staying there.    In fact, staying upbeat and focused because of, and sometimes in spite of, the reality of the homeschool day is one of the reasons I continue to blog.    I’ve had dear friends who have left Blogland and/or cut off the ability to comment, considering it gadding about (see 1 Timothy 5:13).   I really mulled this over because the good Lord knows that I don’t need one more distraction; gossiping and being idle were not my motivations to start a blog.   However, I realized that I truly needed to be here.      I needed to get out and to realize that I’m not alone.   Just recently, I saw an entry of a mom with small children posting their artwork.   I resisted the urge to compare (one of those harmful things I spoke of earlier), but instead chose to experience her words and her memories, and even to laugh in the knowledge that a five-year-old’s picture is what it is: a masterpiece to him/her, and a memory to you.   So I reviewed my youngest’s latest entries in her self-made picture dictionary with fresh eyes and realized that I needed to lighten up and let her be who she is.  Several months back I read a post from a mom (I wish I could remember who) who composed a wonderful entry in which she likened the homeschooling journey of her then-graduating senior to the layers of the Grand Canyon: some red and rocky, some yellow-orange and smooth, but altogether beautiful.    I’m reminded of it each time I start to stress with the not-so-perfect days, and I’ve had a slew of them lately.   I might not be able to back up and see it right now, but my palate is becoming increasingly magnificent as well.  


I needed to see the blogs of several of you who have children and grandchildren who have dedicated a significant portion of their young lives to missions.    Just last Friday, for one of their current events summaries, both of the older kids chose to write a summary of an article about a family who was trapped in Mumbai during the recent massacre.   The family, an African-American family with children the same age as ours are, crawled under the bed and were stuck in their room for 48 hours minus a very quiet trip to the mini-bar and an occasional stretch.    They cried out to God and used their iPhones to contact their pastor, the U.S. Embassy and others.   When they were finally told by the hotel staff that it was safe to come out, amazingly they were the only survivors on their entire floor.    Our son completed his summary with tears in his eyes, saying that as he read, God confirmed his plans to become a CIA agent (he’s talked about this for years now).   In his heart, he wants to stop these kinds of senseless murders, and like the children and grandchildren I’ve been privileged to read about, he believes he can make a difference.  If you’d like, you can read the article here.


So thanks for being faithful in documenting your journey.    Your stories, no matter how small or insignificant to you, are a blessing.    I look forward to continuing to learn and to grow in grace in wisdom—because of Jesus, and because of you.

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5 thoughts on “In the Right Place

  1. I've had similar thoughts about "should I continue to blog" and have chosen to remain as well. I'm glad you stayed as I get so much out of your posts!


  2. I wish I could've been at your church for those sermons but I'm glad that you are passing them along. Great word!


  3. Hi Belinda!! Hope your week is going well……great job being on track! It's tough to have that idea in your head and then not make it, but that's the beauty of homeschooling. We can go with the flow. We just have to remind ourselves of that when it doesn't work the way we had planned it on paper or in our minds.
    We are more than halfway through our 'counted formal' learning days….but of course learning never stops…..its a daily thing.

    As far as our artwork goes, the kids keep most of it in their art jounrals.It's all connected, but sometimes the papers are pulled out and then they stick them in their notebooks. I hope to keep them for many years to come!

    Enjoy your week!!

  4. Hi, I came here via Sally's blog and just wanted to tell you I so loved this entry. The whole blogging thing can have so many differernt layers to contemplate. I personally started blogging here last winter because of "homeschool burnout". I loved the encouragement from the friends I made but then got caught up in trying to get as many friends as I could on my friends list…not good, I know. So I really felt led to just delete it and I did. After a couple of months of missing several of the friends that I really had come to know through their blogs, e-mail, and private messages and prayer as to whether it would be wise, I started blogging again. This time though, because I enjoy it, it's a creative outlet, and I am keeping in touch with those few friends that I had so missed. It's a bit more freeing now that God is in control of it instead of my selfish motives and of course I'm no longer trying to compete with other bloggers out there. Sorry, so long but just wanted to let you know I know where you're coming from :-).
    Blessings, Julie

  5. You know it's finals time, so I've been pretty busy over here. Plus, trying to get into our new-and-improved HSing routine since November 7th has been exciting. Anyhow, my blogging has really dwindled. I'm so late reading blogs and even later posting.

    Thanks for your sympathy. I was very deflated after that loss to the Steelers. In fact, I'm still a bit sore from it… and my dear husband is still glowing. 🙁 Oh well, at least it wasn't a must-win for my Boys. My husband had the nerve to say that he thinks the Steelers will be in the Super Bowl. Yeah…right!! They'd have to beat the Titans and most of all… the Colts!!! I don't see it. Sorry…

    I need to read more blogs. During the time the girls were in PS, I read blogs, I prayed more, I sought the Lord. Now, I can see myself getting "busy" with all the daily tasks and slipping on the support side of my days. Thanks for this post which reminds me that that's so important. So far so good though…

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