All Good, All God: Our World This Week

 If I were more diligent at posting these "everyday" kind of posts, I could probably have far more impact with these.  Pray for me.


  I can’t believe it’s Saturday already!   We’ve had an unbelievable week, and I thought I’d share it:


Sunday: the service was awesome.   Our pastor, like perhaps many others, has been preaching powerfully about the supernatural abilities of God after the natural systems of man run out.     If the bailout worked, man would get credit.    However, our God is faithful to bring us out as only He can.   Our task is to not place in what we see.   I know friends, some of you, in fact, who’ve lost homes, who’ve lost jobs, and some who’ve lost both.     Even in the midst of where you’re walking, the Lord can set you up for unprecedented signs and wonders.   All things work for good…

Our baby was baptized!     She told us about her decision on last Sunday, and after talking about it all week, she got into the baptismal pool, then decided that she didn’t want to go through with it.    Laying her head back made her think she’d drown, so after we tried to calm her down, the Youth Pastor thought it wasn’t a good idea.    We want her baptism to be a good experience for her, she said.  So, out of the pool she came.    Once she got out, I was able to talk to her about the process and how it would go—again.    With a cooler head, she walked back into the pool and dunked herself, right between the words ‘Son and the Holy Ghost.’   I know the Lord will use that independent spirit in a mighty way.   And, though it’s not the equivalent of a nourishing word or a child’s baptism,

The Steelers won!     The Steelers won!     The Steelers won!


Monday: we’ve never observed Martin Luther King’s birthday as a holiday, moreso because of logistical reasons than anything else.   Normally we take a 3-week vacation, meaning that we would have just started school in the second full week of January.    It takes a lot to get everyone back in the groove, and I can’t stand to break the little bit of momentum we do have, so we just keep rolling.   The oldest finished her work early—a rare treat for us all, so she and I worked on her sewing project that night.   The online Bible study sheets I found for studying the Revelation are really paying off; we’ve been able to walk though the Word leisurely, gleaning rich treasures from God’s message to each church.


Tuesday: we allowed the kids to watch the Inauguration as they completed their work.    Tuesdays and Thursdays are short days for the older two, and this was a moment in time that even I wouldn’t be too consumed with a schedule to miss.   The kids performed well in dance, and the oldest finished her work early again, so she could actually come home and relax a bit before bedtime.   Did I mention that, minus a cover page and one final edit, I am finished writing the Harlem Renaissance unit study?    Praise God!


Wednesday:  this is our longest day, generally speaking, but we clicked on all eight cylinders.    Tonight was the oldest’s night to help at the recital.   On last week, the teacher, now 7 months pregnant, was unexpectedly absent.   Guess who taught class, almost alone!    She came home so proud of herself and her ability to manage a group of 3- and 4-year-olds.   I had to tip my hat off to her—I probably would have cancelled class.    She was on a roll, finishing early today, too!    Our son also has yet another special part in his tap class; at the rate we’re going with his solos, duets, and special roles, he might need a new hat.  

Thursday:  we have another short day, by design.   The new dance teacher has the oldest’s curves moving like a Beyonce-wannabe.    We’ll have to be careful about what knuckleheads come to this year’s recital.    At this point, I’m behind where I wanted to be with grades for the big kids, but  hopefully with some sleep, I’ll be able to get more done tomorrow.    I also had a last-minute faculty meeting in my e-mail, meaning that I now have a meeting on Friday night when I’d planned to wrap up grades—UUUGGGGHHHHH!!   Anyway, I’ve become a fan of the X Games, and tonight was the opening night of the Winter Games.   I fantasize that, if I were 20 years younger, I might like to hang suspended in the air from a snowboard and then spin a couple of times.   Hey, we all can dream, right?


Friday:   The oldest is on a tear, finishing early every day this week!     I was able to focus on grades this morning, finishing everything I needed to get done so as not to have to come home tonight and get back on the computer.   Unfortunately, this was at the cost of the youngest’s schoolwork.   The superhero took her with him to the grocery store—throwing in the few extra goodies just because you’re there: priceless.    I went to my meeting, which actually turned out to be quite productive.   


This Saturday morning, because the week went so well, I have few grades to complete, but plenty of time to catch up on my friend’s blogs, and to sew with/for the girls.    I even managed to cook dinner this morning (we’ll clean the fridge of leftovers for lunch)–enchiladas, and a blueberry cobbler.   

Hope you had a blessed and good time, too!

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7 thoughts on “All Good, All God: Our World This Week

  1. How much outside work do you do each week? I'm pretty much gone from 6:45 am to 8:30pm once a week.

    I'm not so sure about My Father's World for next year. I'm still praying about it and thinking of going back to Sonlight. I really want to find a better Bible study method for the kids and I. I am looking into teaching textbooks for my oldest when she finishes Singapore. Maybe I should look into it for Jaedyn too. Have you used it for any of your 3rd or 4th graders?

  2. Hey Belinda!

    I always love it when you've popped over. Thank you for taking time to write such a nice note.

    I've also seen much movement toward Messianic Judaism, and even know a friend leading her own "Torah Observant" group. I've not been in the Word as I should be and so it's not surprising that even though some red flags went up, I was still confused and such. So, George and I talked and then today he shared more verses/passages I'll pass on–
    Acts 10, Acts 15, and Galatians 2:14 really seals it. It was very clear that Gentiles weren't to be encumbered becoming like Jews. It was the entity of Paul's entire ministry almost–how we are now free in Christ. While I'd like to learn more about what God did in the Old Testament, I see it has become quite a "you can have MORE" thing, which is what raised flags to my husband right away–that and it is women I know moving to this first, then their husbands.

    It is so like cults to lure people in by the fancy words and rituals they do. It is appealing on many levels. I find it easy to do fun things or things that feel unique or even like a sacrifice, but you know, it so often goes into legalism, and it is HARD to pray and read, which we know from Ephesians and other places is what is effective against the schemes of the devil.

    Honestly, I've felt ashamed at my ignorance that is due to my lack of discipline in remembering what I've learned. It has spurned me on to focus now on getting back into the Word and really seeing for myself what Paul said. If we were to benefit from knowing all the Jewish traditions, it would seem sensible that would have been encouraged for us–at some point, like when we were mature. But it's not ever encouraged, it is just discouraged. That makes me think.

    It is hard to be free in Christ, simply free, and I feel sad for that reality. It brings a humble feeling all over that even while I was still a sinner, Christ died for me. I don't hold to reform theology–I believe His grace is for all and while He wooed me, He still left me with the ability to either open the door or keep it shut. I'll never understand how I opened it and do think He enabled me to somehow. I just know I feel so unworthy, and here after 15 years of being saved, can still get so worked up in things that don't matter while missing what does matter.

    Well, I just wanted to share. You are someone I think of as a friend on here, so it's easy to go on and on when I get the chance.

    Love you in the Lord sister,
    Ann 😉

  3. Thank you for your comment and sharing your story. It really helps bring me peace. I know it's probably just kid stuff, but part of me worries that it's something else and I care about their son and I don't want him consumed with hate. Their father is originally from Palestine and I think with everything going on, there is a problem there. It's all so sad…

    Thanks again for your encouraging comments. I enjoyed your post and recap of your week. I loved the inauguration and watching it with the kids. His speech was great. Everyone is talking about it over here. Very powerful stuff! I was so proud of him. It was very emotional. I can only imagine how your family felt at that moment. What a great thing for our country! I pray that God will be with him in all of his decision making.

    Have a good night.


  4. Hi Belinda, thanks so much for stopping by my bog and commenting. I looked over your week in review and wow, you get it done :-). I love your little one's baptism story, so sweet and memorable, she's definitely got a mind of her own and so young!
    Have a great school week!
    Blessings, Julie

  5. I too was glad The Steelers Won!!! LOL They are my #2 team (Raiders first) but I wasn't sure if they were going to pull it back out after they appeared to be self destructing that 4th quarter.


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