A Bird’s Eye Look at Next Year

 I have a number of pictures that I want to post–the dinosaur lapbook for the youngest that became a scrapbooking project for Mom (YIKES!),  a picture of her "dinosaur chow," more of the older two’s history pages, including their recent interpretation of Jacob Lawrence’s (Harlem Renaissance artist) artwork series.   You’d think with 1 desktop and 2 laptops in the house, taking pictures, downloading them, and then uploading to Photobucket would be easy, but computer time seems to be a precious commodity around here.   Hopefully, I’ll get this done in the next 3-4 days.    In the meantime, it’s never a bad time to post school plans for the coming year (there’s nothing like a good ol’ curriculum post to get the juices flowing–   ), so here’s where I am right now:


9th grade: 


Math (Algebra 1 w/ Teaching Textbooks)—1 credit

Science (High School Biology through the Homeschool Science Academy)—1 credit

Great Books study (Ancient History)—1 credit

Character –1/2 credit

            Continue with Charlotte Mason’s Ourselves

Logic –1/2 credit

            Continue with Mortimer Adler’s How to Read a Book

Apologetics-1/2 credit

            Consider The Jesus I Never Knew by Phillip Yancey

Latin (Henle) –1 credit

Grammar (Rod and Staff Christian English series)—1 credit

Costume and Fashion in Ancient History –1/2 credit

Current Events


6th  /7th grade:


Math (Math 6 (7?) w/ Teaching Textbooks)

Science (1st semester: wrap up Land Animals with Apologia, 2nd semester begin General Science with Apologia)

History: Sonlight’s Eastern Hemisphere

Logic (1st semester: wrap up The Fallacy Detective, 2nd semester: Mortimer Adler’s How to Read a Book)

Latin (Henle)

Grammar: (Rod and Staff Christian English series)

Current Events


1st Grade:


Math: Horizons 1

Science: continue with lapbook studies (Human Body, ?)

History: Tanglewood Education’s Ancient History (year 1)

Phonics: Bob Jones Phonics 1st Grade

Language Arts: English for the Thoughtful Child



I’ve got quite an agenda and not much time, so I’ll post the logic behind our decisions (the part of others’ curriculum posts that I like to digest) the next time.   God bless.

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8 thoughts on “A Bird’s Eye Look at Next Year

  1. Our Ancient History study has been a lot of fun. And your right about accumulated resources – however, when I first started, I would have never known that I'd still be homeschooling and recycling those books. I had three at the time we started (third one was a baby.)

    The name of the movies are Time Life's Lost Civilizations – I don't think these are a neccessity – they just supplement our reading material giving us a little more flavor to the times.

    I agree with your blog (below) about tutoring/homeschooling. It is said that John Travolta and his wife homeschooled – I wonder if that was just a tutoring, too?

    ((Happy Belated Birthday – I see I missed it))


  2. Looks great! Computer time has been a commodity around here too lately. I've noticed that I'm blogging in spurts. LOL I blog consistently for a few days before mini breaks. So little time and so much to do. It's always great to see what you are going to. Congratulations on entering the homeschooling a highschooler club. 😉


  3. Very interesting. Thank you for posting that. I've been thinking a lot about our plans for next year too. We're going to start ordering Teaching Textbooks (thanks to your very helpful advice). We gave our sons the placement tests last weekend. It was eyeopening to say the least. Hopefully, this is a step in the right direction. My husband and I both love the demos. My oldest son isn't very independent, but hopefully, this will help him to do better in that department.

    My template came from a seventeen year old who blogs on this site, Cherry Blossoms. She's really good isn't she? I've seen your templates, and they are all very good. I don't have a clue about how to do that. So, I'm glad she helped out.

    Have a great day!


  4. It looks like a great plan. I can't believe I only have to plan for the little ones next year. I hope you can post the pictures of the lapbook soon.

  5. You can't believe how timely your post is with your school outline! I've been trying to figure out what to use for language arts with the kids since I just realized that Horizons stops everything except math and penmanship after 2nd grade! I will still use their math as so far everyone really does well with that. What do you like about the material from Rod & Staff?

    On another note… my dad is doing well after his surgery. Now he's fighting a cold again. Thanks for stopping by and checking in on me. I have been a bit scarce around here.

  6. "Eat what you are served child" and "Make the best of what life brings your way" to me also say the same thing.

    As for the weight loss, it is coming with my gluten free diet – a kind of added benefit. I have to be gluten free because my body doesn't digest it right, but the breads and such were making me hold onto my undesirable fats too. I still have some weight to lose, but it is easier now.

    You have a great head start on next years' curriculum. I've been pouring over catalogs, and bounce back and forth between Sonlight and Winter Promise. I'm waiting for Winter Promise's new catalogue.

    Would it help you to keep a weekly wrapup if I put a Mr. Linky up on mine?


  7. It looks like you've got a handle on assigning credits! Way to go… and this is your first year. 🙂 I just tweaked my earlier plan. I may post it later on.

    About the fast, I was in fact going to talk more about how easily I skip meals when I'm not fasting, but the minute I know I "can't" eat, I think about food. LOL The reason I didn't dwell on that at the time is because I was entering the last phase of my fast and I really didn't want to think about food that much. 🙂 I chose to dwell on the spiritual gain of the experience instead.

    I hope you have an enjoyable weekend. ~K

  8. I noticed these on a website, I think Timberdoodle, and they sound pretty good. I can adapt to most math texts, but am wondering if they are more suited to independent study, as the information I read claimed.


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