Weekly Homeschool Report–April 19, 2009

Finally, some accountability for me!   Carol at ThreeLittleLadies has a more formal methodology for listing the weekly reports, and I’ve wanted to do this for a while now.   I remember a couple of years back when someone hosted the "Homeschool Open House," and I thought it was such a gift to be able to peek into others’ school and home.    As this is the time that many people are making decisions about homeschooling, I hoped that I could regularly track and post our weeks, and in that way, bless someone who needs to know when God calls, He equips.    I won’t make any promises, but it’d be great to see others join in and leave your post URL at Carol’s Mr. Linky.    It was so gracious of her to set this up for me, and I am thankful.




(I had to laugh at this because the only time I’m on my couch is when I’m folding clothes!)    Also, because my lifestyle is somewhat different than Carol’s, she gave the liberty to set up your own categories to track progress, so here’s what I’ve come up with so far:


As an individual, I…

spent today totally frustrated with myself after not working out at all on last week.   I plan to talk to God about weight, body shape, and why I have this one, although I realize that finding fault with His creation is sinful.    Supposedly, I’ve lost 11 pounds and I can feel my clothes feeling looser, but then I feel fat and ugly and like I’m going nowhere.   I think deep down I’m jealous of my husband, who eats as I do and works out as I do, and in the same length of time he’s a new man.   Goody for him.   Health, as opposed to beauty, is my goal, but it sure would be nice to get a little of both.   Maybe it’s just hunger talking; today is a fast day for the superhero and me.   I love to see what the Lord does on Mondays.   I’m also looking forward to Jamaican chicken patties and a salad later!


As a wife and homemaker, I…

am thankful that our marriage is one in which we truly prefer the other one over ourselves.   This is my husband’s week at home before his new job starts and he offered to take over school with the older kids.    He certainly didn’t have to, but I’m glad.   I will work with the youngest and then have my day relatively free.    Of course, today there are clothes to wash/fold/dry and my oldest’s hair to wash and flat iron, a 2-day process.   I’m also thankful for last week’s A Woman Inspired virtual conference offered through Heart of the Matter.   I left indeed inspired, and he listened in with me on Sheila Gregoire’s closing address–a no-holds barred perspective on spiritual and physical intimacy in marriage.   After 17 years together, it’s great that we’re still learning more and more how to love each other.


As a mom and homeschooling parent, I…

am so pleased with the kids’ progress.   I mentioned how much the youngest has learned in a year, and it’s fascinating.    This morning,we went through her one-syllable word flash cards, and she knew every one, front and back.    She can also read a number of words that she taught herself, and it’s a delight to read with her.    I’m amazed also at how God knows every little detail of her body, including how He’s spreading the spaces between her front teeth so that the adult ones will have room as the baby two continue to loosen and fall out.

Our son continues to thrive.    He and the oldest are studying the Great Depression right now in history.    It’s occurring to me that Dust Bowl Oklahoma was a lot like Egypt before the Exodus–plagues of grasshoppers, flies, and extreme weather conditions (snow to dust storms to tornadoes).

The oldest is frustratingly behind, and I’m trying to show her places where she gets in her own way.   I’ve been largely unsuccessful in that effort, and I think she feels as if I’m picking on her since I don’t have to have that conversation with anyone else in the house.   Thursday was the low point, when she spent 6-7 hours on grammar.   I should say that the grammar book was open, but she spent 6-7 hours doing other things and occasionally looking at the book.    After getting yelled at talked to, she put together the performance I knew she is capable of, but that cost her almost the entire weekend.   Thankfully, we got a better start on today.


As a business owner, I…

am trying to get a handle on our conference plans this summer.   This economy has impacted us just as it’s hit everyone else, and alot has to happen in order to prepare.    Christ Gifford has done an awesome job with the graphic design on the middle school curriculum covers, and I’d almost have to get the elementary cover completed in order to have the presentation I’d want.   There are costs for event tables, transportation, etc.   On the other hand, I also realize that one must spend money to make money.   Quite frankly, a completed roof repair, a new border on the kitchen walls, and maybe new dining room curtains would be a successful summer for me.   So much is going on.   Yet, I continue in the editing process while we pray and wait for direction.


This was my start.   I might add change, or take away more categories later, but I’ll start with enough obedience to put the entry together.    God bless you, and I hope others will join in the effort!

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4 thoughts on “Weekly Homeschool Report–April 19, 2009

  1. I think everyone should have room to be original on their own blogs. I'm glad you felt free… I like your categories. That is great that your husband can step in and take over when he is off. Unfortunately when my husband is off, he wants things to orbit around him… Oh well, we take advantage of the time off. It doesn't happen enough!

    Gotta go, it's supper time!

  2. I'm glad you shared this blogging idea. You know me… I need a plan or else I'm lost. That applies to my blogging as well. When left to my own devices, I have no blogging ideas. That's the reason I joined blogger friend school, but it's coming to an end. This may work for me.

    My categories will be different from yours, but I have some ideas nonetheless. I'll mull over it tonight and maybe join and post tomorrow.


    P.S. I so relate to the struggles with body shape, image, and dissatisfaction. Funny how I can so easily teach my girls the truth about body image, but have such a tough time remembering God's truth myself. How ironic…I started exercising with Leslie Sansone last week. By the way, I don't weigh in… at all. It's purely for energy, good health, and loss of inches!

  3. I just came by to say thanks for stopping by my blog, and now I'm glad that I came by yours! I'm sure I'll be back.

    I loooove the picture in your header, how cute!

  4. It's neat to hear more about your daily life and homeschooling.

    My oldest is only in second grade, but we already have those discussions about "do you know if you didn't take ________ amount of time to do _______ that you'd have more time for fun things? I mean, it stuff she understands too – she's just good at delaying.

    It's also neat how your hubby has participated. It just shows support.


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