New Texas Social Studies Curriculum Discussions

The link is to an article that describes the new proposals to the State Board of Education for social studies curriculum in grades 1-7.    No biographies of Washington, Lincoln.    Take out Stephen F. Austin, Thurgood Marshall, and Cesar Chavez.    Debates over the role of Christianity in the nation’s founding.    Lord, please save us from the people who are trying to save us.   See here.


P.S. I love one of the earliest comments to this article.   Simply stated, ‘Homeschool.’

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One thought on “New Texas Social Studies Curriculum Discussions

  1. Oh how it must break your heart! Unfortunately with our Pres. saying we are not a Christian nation, they will come out of the woodwork and politically correctness will get them as far as they want to push this. All we can do is pray and praise God for amazing women that write History curricula basised on truth, fact and the Word of God!

    I have missed you much. I have been working hard, walking, water aerobics etc making sure I get the best use out of these legs as possible.

    I love the Princess picture..what a doll baby!
    Hugs and kisses.
    Because of Jesus, Bobbie

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