Happy Birthday to our Princess!





Our youngest princess, Savannah, will be six on Friday.   In keeping with my other two birthday tributes to the older kids, I will try to limit my list (HA HA) to six reasons why this sweetie and I will be lifelong friends.


1.  She is FULL of energy.

2.  She is a morning person, like me, and forces you to be even when you don’t want to be.

3.   Unlike Mom, she has already zoomed in on the importance of pampering herself and focusing on “me time.”







4.    She cracks the corniest jokes—jokes that she finds to be hilariously funny.

5.    She loves to read.

6.    Every day she says, “You’re the best mom who ever lived!”   (Of course, it’s usually when she’s getting her way, but who couldn’t love hearing that?!?)




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4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to our Princess!

  1. Happy birthday Savannah!!! You are such a special princess. I hope your birthday and this next year are full of blue skies and rainbows.

  2. I love the picture of her in her bathrobe and hair in a towel. So cute. That's really interesting that she's into pampering herself in that way when you say that your not. I find our daughter's individuality so fascinating.

    I like your tribute that you have – Reasons why your children will be your best friend when they get older. My grown children sure are. I like the way you confess that, though. That's something my husband and I have been studying/learning this past year – about the confessions of the tongue from Pastor Bill Winston based out of Chicago.

    I don't blame you for not understanding about what I said about being homesick while in the camp kitchen – I didn't explain that very well. And you did not miss something, I just haven't posted the entire story yet. I plan on doing that but I haven't got around to it yet. There are soo many pictures and I want to do a good job when I do it. I think I'm going to break it down to small pieces, like meals, skits, crafts, etc..

    There is a pole barn on our property that perhaps you've seen in the past in my blog pictures – it's a very long big building that I think many probably mistake for a horse barn. But rather, it is a building designated by our home church for ministry to youth and families. It has a full basketball court in it, a large kitchen, and an apartment for missionary quarters. But I'll get around to explaining it more when I post a blog on it.

  3. She sounds like too much fun. I am not a morning person, but thankfully neither is my husband! She sounds so sweet too. Love the pics.


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