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I’ve been busy enough that I’m not posting some items in a timely manner.   I was ministered to this morning as I spoke to a group of wonderful ladies at the Heart of the Matter’s Parenting and Home Education Conference.   God’s Word is so powerful, and I am so honored to feel it flow through such a flawed vessel.    I think this Conference will be my own personal pep rally each year–it is an event not to be missed.   At any rate, there are other items—pure fun and inspiration—that I wanted to share:



There’s a great Not-Back-to-School Blog Hop occurring over the next four weeks that looks like a great soirée in homeschool blog land.   Yesterday was a hop through various curriculum plans from each family.   I didn’t post mine since I listed everything on the right side of this blog.   The weeks to come will feature school room photos, first day of school photos, and typical days-in-the-life.   The link can be found here.




I also wanted to make you aware of the end of a blog that is significant in my life.   LindaFay is stopping her “Higher Up and Further In” blog posts.   I hate to see her leave Blogland, but I understand being obedient to seasons in your life.   She has introduced Charlotte Mason Help ( in order to capture her posts in a way that will be continuously helpful to those looking for what I consider to be not just generic CM help (who is she, what is her teaching approach, etc.), but also the real-life practical application of her theories in her household.


Finally, I also wanted to share another article from yours truly, posted on Heart of the Matter Online today.   I honestly had forgotten that I submitted this, but it’s a timely reminder at this time of year about, from another author’s point of view, the 7 Costly Mistakes of Homeschooling.   The article can be found here, and I pray that it blesses you.



Editor’s note: As of today, 8/4/09, there are 100+ bloggers participating in the Not-Back-to-School Blog Hop, and this week is curriculum listing–happy reading!  Oh, boy!

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