How Welcome Are the Feet…

Oh, how we enjoyed our time with Karen and her family this past week.   It’s amazing to think of how small the world is and how I would have never met this woman, so like me, if it weren’t for a blogging relationship.    They were wonderful, and as I put these pictures together, it occurred to me how much they seemed like friends we’d known forever.   My sincerest prayer is that we will grow to be old, and still dear, friends.  


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3 thoughts on “How Welcome Are the Feet…

  1. That is a fun slide show! I am glad you got to meet a blogging friend! It is amazing how I feel close to several people I have never met in real life. I hope you have a blessed weekend. Thank you for your sweet comment~I so appreciate them.

  2. Miss Belinda! Thanks again for checking in on me while I was away from blog world.

    What great pictures of your family and Karen's. Love all the smiles. And the pictures of your home, your learning areas are wonderful. Space is a good thing….and we could use a little more around here! :))

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