Weekly Homeschool Wrap-up–August 16, 2009




Okay.   Now I remember why I don’t participate in memes—during the actual school year, who can keep up?  (smile) If you want to participate in this meme, please visit Carol at ThreeLittleLadies, and be sure to link your post to her Mr. Linky so that we can all see what life has in store for you.   From where I sat this past week,


As an individual, I…

am, in a word, overwhelmed.   I had forgotten how much schooling at home takes out of me on a day-to-day basis.   Also, I feel like I’m moving on skates with our adjustments this year—three children, three schedules, plus working and managing the home in the interim?  In addition, this weekend was our church’s annual Back-to-School Rally, involving the kids at several church services and an almost all day Saturday practice.  Oi, vei.    I’m glad I know Jesus. 


Two seems to be my magic number.   For the last 2-3 weeks, I’ve worked out twice on each week.   But I’m also eating less, largely as a function of the day’s busy-ness.   I eat breakfast as the kids are eating theirs, a snack while they have lunch, and then lunch at almost dinner time.    If I can keep it at fruit toward bedtime, I’d be alright.   Recent pictures would say otherwise, but I’m feeling thinner.


As a wife and homemaker, I…

am humbled after my husband cooked an inexpensive, excellent Moroccan meatball dish (see here).    It was great, and I modeled what I want to see in the house—a spirit of humility.   I complimented him and apologized that I had little faith in his ability to shop for great-tasting meals at a low price.   Our son also teamed with his younger sister and made raspberry mint popsicles that were the perfect mix of sweet and sour after-dinner delight.   As for me, I botched a loaf of friendship bread given to me by Karen, and then botched a frozen lemonade pie after not reading the directions carefully and allowing the lemonade concentrate to thaw.   Again, I’ve got too much going on.   If there’s any bright spot in this, my husband gave me a not-so-subtle hint that he was burned out on fried okra.   So I found a recipe for chicken and okra gumbo—scrumptious.   The only negative part of this recipe is that I didn’t wait until that one week of winter that comes our way.   I just love soups with cornbread on a cold day.


Anyway, perhaps I’ll get back on my game soon.


As a mom and homeschooling parent, I…


can’t think of a year that we’ve had a better start, even if it is running me ragged.   All three kids come down ready to go within 30 mins.—a big switch from the oldest’s hour-long preparation time.   It’s amazing how much of your time and energy, and even your perception about school, can center around 1 kid.   I am determined to not let that happen to me this year.   I think I shared in last week’s wrap-up that I realized that our son didn’t have enough to do.    Without a doubt, I know that in part, this was my obsession with trying to craft a better year for the oldest.   Knowing that, I am compelled to be sure that she’s on track (and praise God she is), but I’ve also determined that I will run with who’s running and not take responsibility for poor choices on other’s parts.   I think this is, in part, where I deter from crowning Charlotte Mason–or any thinker/ educator/ curriculum publisher, for that matter—as an academic cure-all.   I have schooled and read long enough to know that there are places within each child that no book, no aid, and no self-help tool will touch.   Our children have to be placed in God’s hands, left there, and bathed in prayer so that He can stir up something within them that makes them want to do more and be more.   That was the youth pastor’s message on yesterday, confirming some things I’d been thinking over the last few weeks.   Today when I read about the great flood with the oldest (as a prelude to starting the Epic of Gilgamesh on next week), I talked about why we were studying classics, what my expectations are, and on a larger scale, why we pursue education in the way we do.   Our kids are being prepared to be lights for Jesus—spiritually and academically.   They are positioning themselves through their studies to be used mightily for His kingdom.   They ought not fit in; something about them should be different.   When others are drawn to their light, it’s their chance to minister.   Having the conversation opened the door to a series of questions—questions that I would have liked to have been asked weeks ago, but I’ll take them as they come.   Who am I to decide how she “gets it?” (one of many places that I need to place under God’s care).   Anyway, I think the oldest has embraced the fact that all of her goals for that next level—college, career, etc.—require that she get serious at this level.   It’s early, and again, I’m trying to ride the wave, but I’m encouraged that this year will be 180 degrees from last.


For several reasons, we’ve had a staged start, and I’ll probably do this each year from now on.    It helped everyone adjust to the task at hand, and there’s nothing like a few days of finishing early to keep everyone motivated.   Science for the oldest starts next week, and I still have to purchase our Latin curriculum.  Dance starts in September, so we will have had several weeks to “nail down” our routine before having to tweak it for evenings away, Monday-Wednesday and then Friday.     It’s funny; at the time that I probably should be most anxious, I’m feeling wonderfully laid back and okay with where we are, and that the children will learn what they need regardless of a 2-week delay on a book or a late clarification on what completed assignments look like (smile).


Our son is sailing, in a word.   I had to readjust his schedule, and it seems to be the right level of challenge for him while still allowing him to feel confident.   He has poetry this year, and likes it about as much as his older sister did, which isn’t much at all.   I listened to him whine about it being hard.   Poetry? Prose? Why, Mom?”   Just keep putting one foot in front of the other, I thought.    Not sure if I was thinking that about him or about me.


I’m paying the price for not working with the youngest consistently.   Somewhere between July and August, all the letters and numbers with “sticks and balls” are getting turned around.   So now, we spend too much time rewriting the letter “a,” and the number 9.   We’re having fun, though.  She’s excited about her new class, history.   I’m having to do quite a bit of last-minute research to pull in the kinesthetic pieces for her and attempt to make history more relatable.   Given my own bent toward visual learning, this part evades me.   However, I found a great book on art projects as they relate to science.   Last week, we talked about our uniqueness and used paints to complete fingerprint animals.   I can’t wait to show you the pics!   In the meantime, here are their first day of school pics.   (Notice the difference between this dose of reality and the first set of pics pre-school from my August 11th post!)


















As a business owner, I…


am having to force myself to stay mindful of the forest in the midst of the trees.   I have articles to submit and writing to do, but I’ve given myself some slack as I get the kids off to a solid start.


May the Lord bless your week as well.

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7 thoughts on “Weekly Homeschool Wrap-up–August 16, 2009

  1. It sounds like you are all off to a great start. We are using the President's challenge at Presidentschallenge.com for our P.E. program this year. THe whole family is doing it and it really is helping us stay accountable. The kids look forward to earning their badges and then going onto the medals.

  2. <i>" I have schooled and read long enough to know that there are places within each child that no book, no aid, and no self-help tool will touch. Our children have to be placed in God’s hands, left there, and bathed in prayer so that He can stir up something within them that makes them want to do more and be more."</i>

    Amen and amen to that. I am guilty of not demanding enough from my children, so that now they don't expect much of themselves, either. Trying now to backtrack, lay down the law (I'm too much of a pushover), re-evaluate methods/materials (again — will I ever stop second-guessing myself?), examine my own self, and make up for lost prayer time.

    I could comment on almost every paragraph you have written here, but I am a slave to time, lol. Thanks for sharing yourself.

  3. Miss Belinda! I finally saw the cucrriculum you authored. Wow! That is amazing, well done! I know that you will give all the glory to Jesus, but yay for you for being obedient to what He asked of you. That is terrific. Blessings on your business adventure and may the Lord BLESS YOUR SOCKS OFF!

    I do pray that your mind and spirit will be at rest during these busy times. All of us moms need to stop sometimes and regroup, getting our hearts, minds and spirits set on the One who gave us these wonderful Arrows in the first place. It's not always that simple to remember that's for sure. Bless you this week on whatever He leads your way!

  4. SSiC,

    There is a pressing need and prayer request on my cbox, thank you my friend((hugs))

    I promise to come back and catch up on you and whats going on with you. I appreciate that I can come to you and ask for prayer for my boy. I am doing my best not to worry and pray instead,

    Thank you ((hugs))

  5. I'm doing three kids this year too, and it IS overwhelming. I did get a vacation this week – that is why I'm only just now getting to your post.

    Have a great week.


  6. How special for your hubby to make you such a yummy meal. I clicked on the link and it looks like a lot work. Looks delicious though. Hope you have a blessed week, Antoinette

  7. Oh Belinda, I have a confession to make. I've lurked over here several times, read your posts, smiled, and then left without even as much as a howdy….how rude (remember the little girl on Full House).
    First of all I am so glad you and your blog friend Karen got to meet. Now she's a bonafide nonblogging friend too. I got to meet one of my blogging friends this past spring and was just amazed at how God works. Well, it's evident that you guys bonded and I love the picture of your husbands talking. I'm so nosy, I see pictures like that and wonder what people are talking about (I'm a people watcher and blog lurker).
    Sometime please post your okra gumbo recipe, boiled okra and fried okra have been done one too many times here.
    Have a wonderful week! Julie

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