Weekly Homeschool Report–October 4, 2009



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From where I sat this past week,


As an individual, I…

am so thrilled, even through fatigue, after an exciting day of ministry on yesterday.   Our church partnered with the local food bank and fed 2500 people on yesterday!   We arrived at the church at 8 a.m., and cars were already lining up, although we weren’t going to begin loading cars until 11 a.m.   It was amazing to be a part of this event, to see how people were hurting, in need of prayer and of sustenance.   A number of the 800+ cars that lined the streets to get on our lot were what the government calls “clunkers,” falling dead while waiting for a box of food.   This was extra work for those like my husband, who worked parking lot duty.   But it was all so well worth it; the kids were still talking about it hours and hours later.   The added benefit that we didn’t see coming was that all volunteers got food as well, and not just staples.   We came home with beef, halibut, roughy, fresh vegetables, and desserts.   This was easily $200 in groceries that I didn’t see coming, but then again, when you invest in the things that are important to God…



Still no workouts, sadly enough.   The standing for 6 hours, loading and lifting boxes, was at least two workouts.   My knees, thighs, and back felt like it once I sat down.  


As a wife and homemaker, I…


am continuing to enjoy this season of time with the superhero after hearing of several friends who are really struggling in their marriages.   When our pastor talked about the seasons of marriage, he spoke of this time (between the 10th and the 24th years) as the comfortable season.   I do like, no, love the fact that we can feel free to be who we are with one another without pressure to try and be someone else.    When I wear shoes, they’re flats—not the stilettos of his dreams.   On the other hand, he removes his contact lenses far more often, choosing the more comfortable Coke bottles, (but I love him, with his nearly blind self!)    Yet, the danger with the comfortable season is that you can begin to take one another for granted, and that’s what’s surrounding us—marriages with little or no intimacy and little communication.


We’ve also been able to share our testimony of unemployment survival and recovery at least twice this week as the Lord gives opportunity.   One thing about a trial—it’s tough going through, but you have wisdom to burn when others face similar circumstances.


As a mom and homeschooling parent, I…


am continuing to enjoy the year.   This past week, we toured a Greek Orthodox church at the suggestion of Learning Through History magazine.   I was a little bit clued out, so to speak, as to why we’d tour a church as a part of a history study.   You’d think that, having grown up AME (African Methodist Episcopal), I’d know better.   At any rate, this trip was as educational as it was inspirational.   The Orthodox church was so steeped in history until I felt at times as if I was sitting inside a beautiful museum hearing the word of God.   The funny thing is that, after driving an hour for this tour, there was confusion on the time of the tour and we would have had to wait for one hour.   This was problematic because of the dance team schedule on Friday.   Normally I might have been more passive and waited, but I pressed my way, asking (politely) if someone might just open the door and let us peek in.   Again, all I was looking for was artistry inside the domed cathedral.   The church was very gracious, and found the perfect presenter—a new priest with an obvious love for the church and a heart full of God.   I could have made the church my new home until the priest talked about the tradition of standing for the entire, 2-hour service—uh,oh!    (I don’t think this practice is in place in modern-day Orthodox church).   Others who also showed up what should have been an earlier tour thanked me, but yet allowed me to be the vocal majority.   People can be a hoot, you know?


Speaking of people and “hoots,” I now have an excellent segue into this week’s team drama at the dance center.   There were three girls who had not submitted contracts, due July 30th.    One of the three has a father who was laid off at the end of the dance year last year, so if anyone understands the types of last-minute decisions and delayed decisions of that situation, I can.   The other two girls’ parents were, in my mind, were just plain sorry.   So one submitted her contract, and the other child was made to sit out during team practice unless there was something new—this saved the instructor from having to re-teach one individual when/if her parents decided to pay the money.   What kind of parent would put a kid through this?   The child was obviously saddened and ostracized, all for the mother, who wasn’t there, to make a point.   Well, anyway, the mom came in after the practice, mad as a wet hen (as my father-in-law says).  She picks her daughter up and speeds off.   Then I suppose she decided to turn back around to make her point.   My oldest said, “Mom, do you want to go back?”   (I have to work on the kids’ enthusiasm for drama–LOL).   Anyway, her turnaround might have been innocent enough, but I’ve been wondering for a couple of days now what happened.  I guess that I won’t open the conversation up with the other parents, but instead see if anyone resurfaces it.   (Maybe that love for drama fruit isn’t falling too hard from the proverbial tree, huh?)


As a business owner, I…


got all my editing and revisions completed on the Christian character.   The bigger job will be to edit the elementary series, as I’m considering several different books that have crossed my path in the last four years.   God is good and will grant me His wisdom as I go, I’m sure.



  May the Lord bless your week as well.

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4 thoughts on “Weekly Homeschool Report–October 4, 2009

  1. Wow! How wonderful to have served so many people. That must feel great! What an awesome blessing you all were. We are in that "comfortable" time that your pastor spoke of. We are enjoying it too but are very aware of the importance of enjoying and communicating with each other. Have a blessed week.

  2. I am so sorry to hear that your husband lost his job. I pray the Lord reveals His will in this quickly. How
    COOL is it that you got all of those free groceries! I"m so happy for you.

    Maybe I'm back to blogging! : o If I can remember to do so. Life has been terribly hectic, and have been so tired. Haha. I don't supposed either of those have changed, but I"m going to make a concentrated effort. : )


  3. What a wonderful ministry opportunity!
    I know you all were blessed in so many ways to be a part of that.

    We are smack in the middle of the comfortable years. Yes, it is far to easy to take one another for granted.

    BTW, the dresser behind your lovely daughter at the top matches the chest of drawers that we have in our bedroom.
    My parents have the dresser at their home, but both came from my grandparent's home.


  4. What a wonderful opportunity to feed that many homeless people! Our old church in CA used to do the same: feed them, clothe them, give them haircuts, etc… It was a blessing to be a part of. Lord bless your coming week.

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