Weekly Homeschool Wrap-up–October 25, 2009


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From where I sat this past week,


As an individual, I…

am intrigued, for lack of a better word, at how various communities use social media networks.   Five years ago, I didn’t know anyone who blogged, or who used Facebook or Linked In or Twitter, etc.    Now, from my reading for my “big kid” classes, I’m learning that employers will actually Google potential employee candidates to get a better look and feel for who they are.  This means that any blog, “tweet,” or Facebook/ MySpace/ LinkedIn, etc. post that someone deems inappropriate, for any reason, might cost you a job.   On one hand, I can appreciate that managers might want to know who is coming into the organization.  On the other hand, is this fair, or is it intrusive?    Does this practice cut into a person’s right to his/her individuality, and the right to be a person with a life away from the job?   Who else is qualified to decide for me what my sense of humor can be, or what is acceptable content?  Such was my thinking on this past Sunday when our Children’s Director talked in a meeting about the need for each of us to be consistent no matter where we are.   Though not particularly computer savvy, she used her granddaughter’s skills to find another church worker on My Space who had something deemed as inappropriate on her “space.”    A part of me is thinking that this is a good thing; unless you live as a “double-minded” man, why would you be concerned that someone else might see the content of your site, wherever it may be?   Yet, another part of me is feeling rebellious, daring anyone to challenge me about what I choose to write or not write.     I think that what truly incensed me is that, right after she gave her presentation, our co-teacher stood up, giving her credentials (again) and talking about how to get kids excited about coming to class.   The fruit of all this wisdom, thus far, has been that she takes copious notes the whole time that we’re teaching, and then uses them to basically re-teach our lessons, via a review, during her Sundays to work with the kids.   I’d be fine with this—imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, isn’t it?–if she hadn’t had the nerve to constructively criticize what we do (or don’t do, as was the case) and if she didn’t keep throwing her educational credentials around.   Of course, she’s endorsed by the Director, and, I’m guessing from her age, she doesn’t use the social media networks, so she’s safe, right?    Then I laughingly told my husband that one or both of them probably read the blog.   He thought it’s probably a remote possibility, but it wouldn’t be a concern either way for me.  I’ve written nothing that I wouldn’t say in a face-to-face environment, given the chance.   That was a problem for me in the corporate world–I never wore my feelings on my sleeves; I aired them right out of my mouth! (LOL)    When a cooler head prevails, I can appreciate what is happening.   In truth, God has a standard, and wrong is wrong, whether it’s an electronic mishap or a failure to practice as you preach, but the double standard just feels wrong.  For as many doors as technology opens, one of the keys must be to Pandora’s mythological box.   Much prayer and fasting needed.



One workout while on vacation.   So sad, is it not?  I’ve continued to maintain my weight through pushing away from the proverbial table.



As a wife and homemaker, I…


am in the process of writing an article/ blog entry, wherever the Lord sees fit to place it, on what winning looks like.   We have discussed, during most of our vacation, why the Lord allows events to occur in our lives for what seems to be no apparent reason.  When I say “no apparent reason,” I don’t mean that things turn out badly; I mean that you move through something only to be right where you began, with nothing positive or negative to show for it.   Of course, we know Romans 8:28 and Jeremiah 29:9-11, but what happens when you can’t see the good?   What happens when the plans don’t harm you, but don’t seem to help, either?   I’m sure this all reads like muddle now, but as I’m said, the words are coming…



As a mom and homeschooling parent, I…


took a very restful week off from all my homeschooling responsibilities and allowed us all to simply have fun.   I learned quickly that our kids are entirely too plugged in, especially our son.   Yet, as the slideshow below depicts, we did get some outdoor time, and it was tremendous fun for all of us.  



I’ve gotten a few questions about Glen Rose.   This region of Texas is known largely for dinosaur tracks and fossils, and the town has a number of hotels, non-chain restaurants, etc.   If you’re like our family and, for various reasons, feel more comfortable in a bigger city with more options, Fort Worth is just shy of an hour away.   As I said, for the money, this was perhaps one of the most unique trips the family has ever made.   My only disappointment was that we didn’t actually get to see any tracks at the Dinosaur Valley State Park (day two of the trip).   The Paluxy River, normally at a height of 1 foot in the area where the tracks run alongside it, was a staggering 10 feet high after steady rains that fell on the night before.   So, we’re already thinking about how we could schedule ourselves in Dallas/ Ft. Worth for early summer (the best time to see the tracks, according to the park guide) and take a side trip back to this area.  



The things we as parents do for our kids, especially as the heads of these homes/ learning environments, never cease to amaze me.   Guess what our son got excited about after we finished our science unit on reptiles?







We welcome “Spot,” our new leopard gecko.   I keep looking at his tank and shaking my head.   I’m sure that my parents are doing the same from an overlook in heaven.  I guess that, for the money we spent, I keep thinking that if I stand there long enough, he’ll come out from under that fake log and sell me some insurance.   As if this weren’t enough, our son, who traded in any potential bug/ spider affections for ballet slippers, actually handles the mealworms—mealworms that must be refrigerated, mind you (yes, you know where!)—with his bare hands.   The world has gone mad.


As a business owner, I…


am excited that the elementary school series (so far) hasn’t needed as much correction as I anticipated, and I can truly focus on enhancements.   One bit of constructive feedback I received was that the curriculum does not have as many kinesthetic activities for young hands, so I am looking forward to adding in more hands-on learning opportunities.   See?   I can take constructive criticism!  



I also have an opportunity to perhaps cross promote with another business that promotes history products, and I’ll submit the Harlem Renaissance unit study (see here) for review to the Old Schoolhouse Magazine later this week.



  May the Lord bless your week as well.

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5 thoughts on “Weekly Homeschool Wrap-up–October 25, 2009

  1. Good Morning my friend,

    I have missed WWU sooooooo much. I have been hoping for the last month to get back into it. I am not sure if I will get to before the craft fair I am in on Nov.20, 21st., we will see. I never thought of people looking on FB or such for appart of the hiring process but I can see people doing it. I went bug eyed when I first read it. I am thankful I haven't wrote anything that I would be ashamed of. But what I don't like is that they could use something like your …faith against you. Hmmmm this is sad.

    The dinasoar trip sounds very exciting. Hee he waiting for the gecko to come out and sell you insurance. [0=

    Thank you for visiting. I haven't been getting around bloggyland very much and miss it terribly.

    Blessings and ((HUGS)) my SSiC
    In Him<><

  2. Dinosaur Valley sounds like a great future field trip for us. I'm glad your son was inspired to add the new "family member". I don't know if we could stand to have a geico in the house though. 🙂 I'm so glad you had a great trip!

  3. Glad to catch up with you. I am glad to hear that you had a week off from normal schooling. Better you than me with the mealworms in the fridge. LOL! I must admit they have been in my fridge before though.

  4. …how we spend money on a pet that hides under a rock and rarely comes out? Our hermit crab is nocturnal, and occasionally will bury himself for up to two weeks to molt! Another pet of ours ate bloodworms…ew! Glad to hear your son can "do the manly thing" when it is needed. Lol. Your writing style cracks me up!

    Have a great rest of the week.


  5. Okay, first let me stop laughing about the Geiko remark…too funny.
    I love your honesty and sincerity, Belinda!
    We have had so many opportunities to make it to Glenrose (my husband's sister lives in Fort Worth) and it seems our plans always fall through. I've wanted to visit the creation museum there. What did you guys think of it? So sorry you didn't get to see the dino tracks down in the river, I would love to see them too. Now that I'm really thinking about this I recall there was a passion play put on near there also. I think it was called "The Promise." We really need to get out there.
    Regarding the remark you made in your last comment at my place about Halloween, we have similar views. In all honesty and I'm probably sounding a bit naive, but I just don't understand the draw. I mean they get candy during Christmas, Valentines Day and please forgive me, but everytime they go to church! What's the big deal about Halloween, ugh.
    Well now that I've purged that out of my system (LOL) I'll wish you farewell for the time being :-)!
    Blessings, Julie

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