The Week’s Wrap-up (well, sort of)

What a week!   I’m still recuperating from all the activities, and yet I am in wind-down mode, intentionally avoiding my tendency to overbook the holiday.    I’m adamant about not missing the reason in the busy-ness of the season.    I will perhaps take a deliberate break from the weekly wrap-up format during these next three weeks while we’re out of school.   There won’t be much to write, and in the attempt to relax a bit (yes, I do know how! LOL), I won’t pin myself to having to blog at any certain time.     I have plans, but I really am just trying to “be,” if that makes sense during this time.    It’s my own little restoration and renewal plan.    At any rate, this entry will resemble the weekly wrap-up format because when I began writing it—almost a week ago—I formatted it that way.



Before I list what’s been happening with us, I have to recommend Poiema’s scrumptious chicken and lettuce wraps (see here)!   Imagine something this colorful…



also delighting the palate with the sweetness of Craisins (I had no cherries), the tart sensations of rice vinegar and teriyaki sauce, and a spicy chicken (I used Tyson’s fajita chicken meat rather than the ginger-seasoned variety that Poiema mentioned).    Keep in mind, this all happens before you put this feast for the eyes and the tongue on a bed of lettuce.   Wow, delicious and nutritious.     It was the perfect lunch, with nothing left over after we both went back for seconds.






I’ve totally forgotten most of last week, but last Friday came like a rushing mighty wind.    The oldest participated in two local parades—an event worth a separate post.   My husband and I have laughed as all those missed Wii Fit workouts came back to haunt us.   Walking both parade routes must have been somewhere between 6-8 miles round trip; the second one wasn’t so bad, but after the first, my lower back, my hips, and my behind revolted against me.   I could barely get out of bed on Saturday morning!   But I had to because our niece had a birthday party, and the youngest was invited to what must have been the place where moonwalks go when they’ve been very good.






I still can’t figure out how this place fits so many moonwalks in one space, but the youngest jumped and slid and bounced so much until I was shocked that she held down her food.   It was a fun time, but my own enjoyment was put on pause because our son had to get to the dance center for a fundraising event.    The competition team babysat smaller tykes at the center for $25.    I’m sure one day he’ll look back and laugh about his evening with a bunch of 3- and 4-year-old girls, but it certainly wasn’t his cup of tea that evening.    As for me, I was thankful that the instructor allowed parents to go home (originally we were to help with the babysitting).   I would have done my part, but I’m slowly starting to realize that I’m not a teenager any more, and all of this happened in addition to the regular weekend business—errands, grades, church.   I was simply happy to get home and sit down for a minute.



Sunday was the Christmas party for our 13- and 14-year-olds.   The superhero and I split up so that he could go to an earlier service and then secure breakfast tacos for the kids.   We had a great time.   When we were with them last, our lesson was about trust and the class worked in teams to create posters.   When I thought about it later, that was one of the first times they worked as teams—successfully—and actually enjoyed it.   So our oldest relayed a request that the kids wanted to complete their posters during the party.    The Sunday School will take a 2-week break and begin anew in 2010, so we’ll have some time to just sit and be fed during this season—always welcomed.



Plan A was to get the Christmas tree on Sunday after church and decorate, but I was so fatigued until we settled for football, games, and relaxation.   The kids put out the Nativity set and I have to say, the house began to feel like Christmas.    Our tradition is to buy a fresh tree each year, but we always wait until just a few days before Christmas day so that the tree can stay greener longer.   So by Tuesday when we did purchase the tree and the smell of fir began to fill up the area, I started to really get into the spirit of things.   Now I just need to find my CDs.   Of course, none of these things, and they are just that—“things”—make Christmas was it is, but they are neat treats for me during this special time.




We definitely slacked off significantly this week because of additional activities.   I began teaching a class on this past Thursday night, which will also be on break for two weeks.   On that same night, the youngest had her first practice as an Upward cheerleader on the same Thursday night.   Friday was our son’s first practice for his competitive solo, with the first regional in late February.



So, with all that said, today was the first day I’ve had to complete the more leisurely tasks.   That meant that I went grocery shopping, and the superhero was kind enough to drive me to a few other places about town (shhhh!  Can’t say more in case the kids read my post!)



Tomorrow is 3rd Sunday, and we would have been on break anyway, but I’m especially excited to hear the Lord through our pastor.   I’m excited about sleeping a bit later.   I’m excited about wrapping a few gifts each day before the kids awaken.   I’m excited about meeting a few homeschool moms for coffee (and pancakes?) at IHOP later this week.   I’m excited about Christmas Eve service.   I’m excited that the kids are excited.   And most of all, I’m excited about Christ, our Messiah who is the source of my excitement about everything else.    

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3 thoughts on “The Week’s Wrap-up (well, sort of)

  1. That chicken recipe looked really good! You really have been busy! While I wish we could do more, I am grateful that we have nothing going on during this season. It's been a very pleasant Christmas season!

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Finally, I can leave a comment!
    I have had the hardest time loading up your page. But, when I checked my "friends" and you had written today, I was elated to be able to ready what your up to.

    We went to my inlaws tonight (Lansing, IL) and watched three dvd's of Bill Winstons (all three were relatively short). My father in law is always updating his stock of B.W. stuff, and tonight when we went over there, he had about 4 new ones. We always go away blessed, by the message, but also because of the fellowship with my beloved father-in-law.
    Have a great Christmas and keep on keeping it simple!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful, restful week is planned at your home too. For some reason, our church is not having services Christmas Eve, Christmas Day or even Wednesday! We'll have to find somewhere else, close by, to visit at least on Wednesday night. Imagine that… no services at Christmas time. 🙁

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