I am finally [somewhat] caught up on all the work that lagged behind while I was feeling and looking like something the cat dragged in.   Whatever went through our family wiped us out for about a week, and I’m glad to see it gone.


If I penned the traditional homeschool weekly wrap-up meme today, it would focus largely on what illness—something we don’t deal with often—does to our household.      As an individual, I was sick.   As a wife and homemaker, I nursed my husband and tried, unsuccessfully, to keep the house in good order.   As a business owner, I fell behind because I was sick.    As a mom and homeschooling parent, I…You get the point.   It’s good to be amongst the living, and I’ll save the more extended wrap-up for Sunday/Monday (smile).     By the way, I also found my graphic designer, whose family was recuperating from some of the same crud that blew through here, plus a round of ringworm through the family.   She sent the cover designs this week, and they are gorgeous, if I say so myself.


We are never without an adventure around here, sick or not.


Spot, the leopard gecko we purchased last fall, went home to that great hot spot in the sky.   The 6-year-old took it the hardest, having momentary bouts of sadness amidst all of the distractions that busy a small child’s mind.    When she felt depressed, though, she would consistently press us to have a funeral for Spot, and so we did.   Minus the black attire, it was a Cosby Show-like moment beneath the mimosa tree in our backyard.    I sang “It is Well with My Soul,” our son said a few words of prayer, and our 6-year old gave the eulogy.   She had written her words so that she wouldn’t forget them.




‘Spot was a great pet.  He would do things like he would sleep in his log.  He would chase crickets around.  I will never forget him.’


Later, she drew a picture and wrote a few more thoughts; this became the “program” that I placed in our decorative Bible, along with the programs of others close to us that have passed on.   One of these thoughts was that we’d be sure to share our stories of Spot with our next two pets.   Subtle.


She hasn’t had a long time to grieve.    This year is her first experience in our Upward Christian sports league (see more about the Upward sports initiative here).   The churches in our area partner to take this on, and it has been a tremendous blessing for the kids and a wonderful way to minister to people who wouldn’t be attracted to a traditional church setting.     Here she is at her first game:





So that I have something to write for the weekly meme, I’ll cut off now.   Be blessed.   I look forward to getting back into the swing of things early on next week (like tomorrow).

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  1. She sure is cute! and especially so in her little cheerleading outfit.

    I'm sorry to hear that your struggling with being sick. I hope next week brings you health and back to your normal routines.

    That was sweet about how you had a funeral service for your pet. That was quite elaborate!

    I hope you have a great week and are feeling much better.
    AntoinetteEdited by Haflingerhorses on Jan. 25, 2010 at 8:11 AM

  2. Hi friend! It has been a loooooooooooongggggggg time since I have visited your blog. Your daughter is absolutely adorable! I love the look on her face in the picture at the top of your blog. Be blessed in the Lord this week! Antoinette

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