Pornography: It’s Not Just a “Man Thing”

In yesterday’s "To Love, Honor, and Vacuum"’s Wifey Wednesday column, Sheila tackled a very touchy subject from a different angle than we are generally accustomed to seeing it.    My husband speaks often of his men’s Bible group, in which many speak of their struggles with pornography.    In this blog post, Sheila addresses the impact of not guarding our own eye-gates as women.   Rather than make any feeble attempt at adding to her eloquence, I’ll simply share the link here.    This is not a post to read with the children near, but it is worth a read, a re-read, and then some prayerful reflection and restoration.   If it’s not for you, consider passing it on.   

May the Lord continue to shape us into all He wants us to be in every single area of our lives.

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One thought on “Pornography: It’s Not Just a “Man Thing”

  1. I have many kids around me at the moment, but I will definitely have to check that out later. So, many men struggle with this? As a mother of four boys that really concerns me.

    I know I disappeared quite suddenly. I really need to get back into it. I got a job in Taiwan and I am moving with the boys soon. I will probably be returning in the fall though. But, once I get settled I hope to blog consistently again.

    Happy Valentine's Day!!


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