Weekly Homeschool Wrap-Up–February 21, 2010






This week I was intentionally late as I focused during the early part of the week on the Homeschool Refresher Conference put on by Heart of the Matter.   Having presented this morning, I can now focus on other things.   It would make more sense to list this as an early entry for next week’s meme, but my linear thinking won’t allow me to skip a week, you know?    Anyway, if you want to participate in this meme, please visit Carol at ThreeLittleLadies, and be sure to link your post to her Mr. Linky so that we can all see what life has in store for you.  



From where I sat this past week,


As an individual, I…

am happy that, in the midst of all I shared on last week about being busy, operating in your gifting, etc., my life finally, if only temporarily, slowed down enough to step back and take it all in.   Our associate pastor wasn’t able to visit on the proposed day, giving me a little more time to work on the project for church.   My class load is a little lighter right now, so I have fewer grades to complete for a given week.   Finally, after wrapping up the presentation today, I feel much lighter in terms of deadlines.




Speaking of lighter, I’ve picked back up on my workouts after us getting our Wii back.   I guess it took losing that proverbial water for me to realize how much it helped me get in shape and have fun doing it.   For the last few weeks, I’ve been able to work out fairly regularly.   It’s not that I’ve had the time, but I’m realizing that I just have to make time and put other items on the back burner.   Anyway, here’s to not feeling as exhausted while seizing the day!


As a wife and homemaker, I…

so hate that I’m not Superwoman.    Seriously, I’ve become convinced over the years that something has to give when I’m in the flurry of all of my hat wearing/ switching activities.   Unfortunately, it is often housework.    The superhero cleaned up the kitchen on 2or 3 evenings of last week; I could look at it as my way of making sure his skills don’t get rusty—HA HA!!!   I knew I was way behind when I had two baskets of clean, but unfolded clothes with another load still in the dryer.    The kids were having to rummage through everything to find leotards, tights, etc., and so when I stopped a couple of days ago and folded everything, you could hear the collective sigh of relief around the house.   “Oh, I was looking for my…”   It’s also a stark reminder of how far behind I am in supervising their education in how to fold clothes.   Hmmm….


As a mom and homeschooling parent, I…


am continuing to enjoy this year, although I stay somewhat aggravated that our kids can’t seem to get back on track this semester.   Of course, I’ve been getting to bed much later myself this semester.  Could attitude be reflecting leadership?   Ouch!




When we are alert and at the table, we’re having fun.    We’ve been as close as the Brighton ski slopes, but our son got to live vicariously through an egg and see what it’s like to be in Salt Lake:













He’s also been busy getting ready for his upcoming competitions.   Seeing this picture on my phone reminded me that I needed to make him a tie and a headband in the next two days—YIKES!!






The oldest and I had yet another talk about deviating from summaries and instead penning what happens in the head and heart.   “Why don’t you start with, ‘If I were the author, I would…,’” I said.    She retorted, “That’s easy!   I’d make the book shorter!”    ROFLOL!!!   Deep down, I was slightly frustrated, but I simply said, “Well, why don’t you write about that?”   I think she was shocked that I didn’t force her to put a positive spin on her work.   I think that there will be a point in the future where she’ll look back at some of her work and shake her head laughingly.    At any rate, this is what she came up with:


Though The Odyssey is a very historical and classical book, there are still some things I would change if I could.   First of all, for the book’s overall plot to be that Prince Telemachus leaves home to find and bring back his father, Odysseus, it is entirely too long.   Odysseus is captured too many times, which means it takes longer for Telemachus to find him.   Second of all, the other thing that makes The Odyssey a thick book is the comparisons and the excessive details in every other sentence.   You can say simply that someone was struck down without going into how ‘a lion strikes its prey when it’s ready to feast on a warm summer feast—‘ and so on.


 Freedom of press is freedom of press.






The youngest and I are reading Bambi .    I’m not so sure this was a good idea; already the father was shot, and the youngest let me know in no uncertain terms what she thought of a book that had such a sad story in the plot.   Falling in love with Charlotte’s Web’s Wilbur made her swear off all pork; I wonder where we’ll be by the time we finish this one.   Next is The Cricket in Times Square.   Don’t even think it.




Here’s a shot of my favorite part of her Upward season.






It is the group prayer that comes before each game.   Both teams, the cheerleaders, the coaches, referees, and leaders come together, center stage, gather to go before the Lord.   I don’t think it’s a coincidence that we’ve had no injuries and no fights, especially given that many of the players are younger and often less nimble on their feet.   We only have two games left, and even though I’ll be glad to get my Saturdays back (just in time for son’s competition), I will miss some aspects of this program.



One thing about reading: you never know what will light a fire under your children.   We’ve been reading The Hobbit for a number of days now, which I would have thought would be right up our son’s alley, so to speak.    In his defense, he might be enjoying it and just not saying anything, but the oldest says almost daily, “Can’t you read some more?”   Priceless.


As a business owner, I…


spoke at the conference this morning, as I mentioned before.   I will probably get back to work on several items I’ve had on my to-do list regarding the business on next week after an intentional break.   In the meantime, I continue to fill orders, to receive glowing word-of-mouth reviews, and to praise God for it all.  


May the Lord bless your week as well.

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2 thoughts on “Weekly Homeschool Wrap-Up–February 21, 2010

  1. When I was six or so I had to be carried from the movie theater crying when Bambi's father was shot. I am 37 now and have never seen the movie. Can you believe that????
    Well, here is another one. The laundry got so backed up here when the kids were really little. We were never home because of all the docotor appointements and therapies. I broke down one day and carried two loads of laundry to one of the kids therapies. I folded while I watched the OT work with one of the children. LOL! Desperate times call for desperate measures, right?

  2. Hi there ,

    I know my visit is LONG over due, please forgive me. You sound like you have a lot on your plate but a lot of NEAT things. I know what you mean about having no time but have to let other things go to the back burner and just exercise. Why is it that things that are so good for us has to take so much effort ??? [0=

    Sending you HUGE ((HUGS)) and blessings
    In Him<><

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