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A couple of followers had asked me to send a recipe for a very easy cobbler recipe I bragged about some weeks ago on Twitter.   Even though I cook often, I’ve never been one to post recipes.   My family enjoys my cooking, and I’m able to give each person’s peculiarities a unique and flavorful twist, but I’m not one of those cooks that people run to and ask to make something.   I’m sure that’s partly because meeting everyone’s tastes means that anything might show up on our table–from tilapia to tofu to turkey.    However, this recipe is so simple and so delicious until it makes me look like an excellent cook, and since I promised to share it, I thought that adding it to Jenny’s Yummy Monday links would be a fun way to introduce it to Blogland.   

One of the reasons that I love this recipe so much is that it is originally made to be used with canned peaches, so you don’t have to wait until peaches are in season.   It is also versatile enough that you can use fresh fruit and still have a perfect cobbler with a simple substitution of fruit.    In my pictures, I use two pints of fresh blueberries, but I will type the recipe as it is originally written–for canned peaches.   Finally, the ingredients and size of the cassarole dish don’t make the largest of desserts–for the three of us who eat this dish, we have two medium-sized helpings (of course, that depends upon your portion sizes).    If your family is large, you’d have to double this recipe in order for all to enjoy without feeling cheated 🙂


1 pkg. Pillsbury Ready-made Pie Crusts (there are two in this box)

1 large can (28 oz.) of sliced peaches, drained

1 medium can (15 oz.) of sliced peaches, drained

1/2 cup of squeeze margarine

1/2 cup of firmly packed brown sugar

1/2 cup of granulated white sugar

2 tsp. of apple pie spice

1 tsp. of nutmeg

pinch of salt

2 tsp. of lemon juice

2 heaping Tablespoons of flour

Heat oven to 375 degrees.   Follow directions on refrigerated pie crusts.    In mixing bowl, add drained peaches and coarsely chop into bite-sized pieces.    Add remaining ingredients and mix thoroughly.   Here, I simply rinsed the blueberries, picked off any remaining stems, and dumped them in with the other ingredients.  

Spray an 8x8x2 glass dish with cooking spray.   Unroll 1 pie crust and place it in the bottom of the dish.   Pour in filling.


Put the other crust on top to cover filling.   Fold under the edges of crust that hang over the dish.   Slit steam holes in the crust and lightly brush the top of the crust with squeeze margarine.  (The recipe also says here, “Sprinkle the top of the crust with sugar,” but I never do).




Bake 35 to 40 minutes or until top is brown and filling is bubbling.   Cool slightly and serve warm.


Enjoy, and God bless!

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