On not being Clair Huxtable

Hebrews 4:15-16
For we do not have a High Priest who cannot sympathize with our weaknesses, but was in all points tempted as we are, yet without sin. Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need.

I Peter 5:7
…casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you.

An amazing thing happens when you release your troubles.    As I wrote on the last time, I actually felt better in just penning (or in this case, typing) at least some portion of all that has me frazzled.   In continuing to pour out my heart before the Lord, I received His peace that passes human understanding (Philippians 4: 8).   I also received renewed strength and a new sense of focus—the mating calls of productivity.

I thought later that it was too much of a coincidence to be a coincidence that, as I wrote my last post, we were watching a retrospective of the incomparable “Cosby Show” of the 80’s.   I loved revisiting some moments that, even 20 years later, I associate with the best that television had to offer.    The family lip syncing Ray Charles’ “Night and Day”?    The parents reflecting on Denise’s boyfriends (inclusive of the reggae lover—my personal favorite)?      The introduction of Dabnis, Vanessa’s fiancé?     Clair Huxtable’s  reaction to Sondra decision to open a wilderness store with hubby Elvin rather than pursue her law school dream?   Classic television, and I relish the moments in the same way that a different generation might remember, “Good night, JohnBoy,” or “One of these, Alice–POW!  Right in the kisser!”

Then I became fixed on Clair.   Phylicia Rashad’s portrayal of Clair was, I thought, so very different than much of what television had to offer in the way of working moms.     Clair was television’s “I’m every woman, it’s all in me,” you know?    She was an attorney, she birthed five children (and never looked like she birthed one), she was bilingual, she met her husband’s every need, and she did it all with much grace and class.    I thought she was something special.   Then, over time, she began to get on my last nerve.    She was too perfect.   She had the award-winning squash in the vegetable contest.   If it meant debating subject matter experts, her arguments always surpassed everyone else’s.     She was the bright spot of the book club, the diva of any dance floor, and the songbird of the college graduation ceremonies.     I can remember loathing that character and refusing to watch any of the episodes that focused on her.    It seems as silly now as it was then, but I now realize that what I didn’t like about Clair Huxtable was really what I didn’t like about myself: I couldn’t get it all done.    So fast-forwarding 20 years, at least this time when I again voiced that this life and its activities are bigger than me, I loved the fact that I had some semblance of a plan.

So, after prayer, I continued to beseech heaven, and I started to execute.

I worked on my daughter’s robe, but didn’t finish it, largely because it’s been in the 50’s each morning and she needs it.    All that remains, however, is to iron it and to hem it.   Not bad for a someone working a job and running a business, huh?

I worked out.   It’s a rare treat that my Mii is doing yoga on the screen while everyone else’s is slipping into a coma.   (Yes, my heart attitude needs work, but I’ll take my boast in the Lord, not in me).

It’s Tuesday night.   Guess what I’m doing?    Utilizing the time I have to write.

How about my non-movables?     Here are three of them enjoying a science experiment and overnight baked oatmeal.   I loved watching the younger two assemble themselves so as to witness the oldest completing her experiment with conducting electricity.    Even the dogs got interested (smile)!   Don’t you just love those “yes” answers from the Lord?

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5 thoughts on “On not being Clair Huxtable

  1. I loved claire b/c I was aspiring to be an attorney at the time. tho there wasnt much lawyering on the show–i think i watched L. A. law for that…who knows. little did i know i would marry a doctor (years later), and become the huxtables sans the five kiddos. she truly was the june cleaver of our day–i appreciated the positive role model even in caricature.

  2. I loved everything about the Cosby show when I was little. I love them still and watch reruns with my kiddos. I never really thought about how perfect Claire was on the show. However, you are right and maybe that is why sometimes the show makes me feel a bit down nowadays… It was the best show on tv back then and even now I would watch it over anything else the tv has to offer.

  3. Belinda, beautifully written.
    Clair was gorgeous, smart, and what most of us aspire to be (including me).
    But… fictitious.
    Seems life is so much fuller than what is represented in twenty or so minutes of sitcom TV.
    My biggest challenge is being more like the homeschooling mom that seems to get it ALL done while keeping a clean and attractive home, and expecting her seventh kiddo. How do they do that???

  4. Then, over time, she began to get on my last nerve.

    CRACKED me up!!! 🙂 Go Belinda! I totally understand. AND..it’s interesting to me. Now that I’m grown, I view episodes through Caroline Ingall’s eyes instead of through Laura’s as I did when I was a girl watching Little House. Watching Cosby show NOW….(we just watched the one where they showed Theo the “real world” a few weeks ago–classic!)..I identify with the parents.

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