What My Blog Wants to Be…

Still toying with templates, it occurs to me that there is so much to think about in creating a blog. I guess I should clarify–dependent upon the reason why you blog, there are a number of decisions to make. Given that my blog is one part business, two parts personal, I have to think about this strategically in addition to finding something that I enjoy and feel as if I can make it my own.

The first decision point, albeit brief, centered around which provider to use for the new blog. Most of my blogging friends now blog using Blogger. Yet, because my blog is, in part, a marketing tool for A Blessed Heritage Educational Resources, I needed a provider whose search engine would increase the traffic to my sites. My understanding is that Blogger uses the date of a post as a search key—who ever heard of such a thing? Darcy’s post explains this so much better than I could (and check out her tremendous photography skills while you’re reading her post!)

As I agonize over themes, how many columns, headers, content presentation—the list goes on and on—every post I’ve read regarding user-friendly blogs keeps coming to mind. I keep thinking, not too busy on the template, clear on the categories, non-offensive on the colors– Geesh! I think the real problem is that age-old struggle with change that we all have, to some extent, when faced with something new. I had gotten my old blog right where I wanted it and it was as comfortable as a pair of old house slippers. As I think about it, this is what’s truly hilarious: my last statement on my last post, appropriately entitled “Saying Yes to Something New,” (though I didn’t know it at the time) was that I am often tried in the very area in which I attempt to minister. I prayed that the Lord would find me faithful in embracing a change. Two days later, I was faced with the possibility that four years of online journaling might have gone down the drain. Honestly, you can’t make this stuff up!

And then there’s the entire hullabaloo about branding. (My apologies to those who would be offended by referring to blog branding as “hullabaloo.”) What does my blog want to be when it grows up? 🙂 Do I talk solely about home education? Should I feign expertise in marriage or in raising children? Should I limit my discussion to spiritual growth and development? The problem for me is that if I restrict my posts to any one area, chances are great that on several days, I’d have nothing to say. My life is busy enough that on one day I may be graced with some revelation in any one of these areas and then some; on another day I might find myself totally befuddled in all of these areas and then some. And the reality of my old blog, with its non-branded and admittedly eclectic variety of posts, is that I didn’t get many comments, but I got e-mails from people with whom I made a real connection. In fact, they stay in my prayers as much as people whom I’ve met in real life.

So, I’m still toying with presentation, still wrestling with how to minister as the only Bible some may read, and growing increasingly agitated with myself for giving all of this so much mental time and physical energy. Yet, the one thing I have decided is to just continue to pen my heart, and to write as if I’m the only one who’ll ever read any of this. No matter where my writing travels, that’s what’s worked, and that’s what I’ll continue to take with me. God bless you in your travels as well.

P.S. Praise God for import/ export abilities!   My old blog is now here, so the “Saying Yes to Something New” is a mere two posts below.   Hallelujah!!!!!

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6 thoughts on “What My Blog Wants to Be…

  1. No, I have not had my blog long. I uncharacteristically figured out how to import/export all the posts, so it looks like it has been there a while, and I see you did, too! Congrats on that feat. Only Emily is still at HSB, and she has her own blog now, hsb/cactuscutie. Somehow her template got all messed up… anyway, she is not being permitted to join groups, but Savannah is welcome to comment her. I have the other girls’ new links on my sidebar. Belinda, I ran across a very old post you wrote on your old Blogger blog, about CM. I want to read that through again! We need help here. 🙁

    1. My knowledge of importing and exporting came only after I read your blog post, Sally. I read through and thought, Wow! I wonder if I can do that! Then, voila! It was simple. Thanks for leading the path.

  2. It is looking nice, Belinda!
    I thought this was a very well-worded post. Once again you seem to have captured some of my thoughts and penned them yourself only you are much better with words than I will ever be.

  3. I hear you about all the things to think about when setting up a blog. I haven’t figured that out myself since moving to Blogger. One thing I liked about HSB was that while it was accessible to the public, the blog readership tended to be homeschooling moms and ones pretty committed to homeschooling. One thing I don’t like about blogger is that my multple blogs are hooked together, so when I leave comments people tend to go to my photo blog. But wordpress has seemed more time consuming to figure out. Anyhow, I hope you get it figured out…I enjoy reading your thoughts.


    1. Interestingly enough, I find WordPress quite easy, and with the new HSB upgrade, the functionality is almost identical, minus the fact that WordPress allows some features, being a “true” WordPress blog, that HSB does not allow. If I get the widgets figured out, I’m home-free, so to speak!

  4. I linked to your HSB blog from a comment on Sandi’s blog. Then I followed a link from there to here. It seems you have recently moved to WP. I used to blog on HSB, moved my blog to blogger and, finally, found a home on wordpress. I like the tabbed pages, they keep me from having too busy a sidebar. Not long ago, I made my old blog private, renamed my family, started over and disconnected my blog from my real life on facebook, automatically generated email signatures, etc. I agonized about layout, themes, colors, widgets and what to write too. It is hard to believe that this has become an issue for someone who wasn’t even connected until about 10-years ago.

    [he problem for me is that if I restrict my posts to any one area, chances are great that on several days, I’d have nothing to say] Which is why I have decided to just write about me. And, I am not interesting enough to have something to say everyday. That has to be okay for now.

    Anyway, welcome to wordpress.

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