Looking Forward

We’re in the beginning stages of a holiday road trip.   In fact, it occurred this is the first trip that we’ve taken at this time of year in several years.    I am excited about visiting family over the week that we’ll be away, but I’m realizing as we ride how special a time this is for me personally, although from the outside, it may not look as if I’m doing much:

This is the time that I’d normally settle in to the break from school, having moved past the activity associated with Christmas Day.    Given our normal schedule, guilt-free snuggling under the sheets can be a welcome respite from the daily routine.   We can also watch movies as a family without me having to say, “I can see it from here [the kitchen]”.   Last night we watched The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers and the beginning of the Return of the King.    We all agreed that we wouldn’t watch any more than what we’d read.    I can state happily that we’re all enjoying the books far more than the movies.

This is the time that I’d write—blog posts, curriculum plans and additions, and/ or simply organize my thoughts on a notepad.    Well, thanks to the power of laptops and wireless Internet, all is not lost in that area.

This is the time of year that I fast and pray.    For several years now I’ve sacrificed for 10 days immediately after Christmas Day to prepare for the coming year, to receive clear instruction, and to be aligned with the Father and His plans for me.   I could still fast, but food is such a significant part of our extended family’s gathering until fasting would bring far more confusion than clarification.   So I chose to forego the annual fast and just enjoy family, fun, and food.

I’ve not been a resolution person for a number of years now; I grew weary of how my excitement over my latest diet attempt would die a painful death after a few weeks in January, or how life and its distractions would throw off my best effort to exercise regularly.    Instead, I recommit myself to ongoing personal growth—more time with the Lord, a lifestyle that includes exercise and increasingly more raw foods, more hugs and kisses, more grace and mercy.

There are three “umbrella” areas where I want to hear God’s voice during this time:

Personal: direction as an individual (hair as I spoke of in my last post, health, increasing my mind and following His assignment without my normal hiccups)

Family and Friends: sensitivity to the needs around me—my husband’s, my children’s, and my extended family’s, stepping away from my own busy-ness to cultivate strong friendships

Business:  ideas to create and/or enhance the Blessed Heritage curriculum, partnerships and alliances, and Christlikeness in managing it all

This year, I will take the time to write down some measurable goals—a task that, for various reasons, I did not complete this past year.   And though God was gracious, my lack of listing specific milestones showed.     In the meantime, this morning’s Internet Café Devotion spoke to me regarding reflecting with your spouse over the past year and what you see coming in the year ahead.   In walking through these questions, we had an eye-opening talk in the car.    I’d love to hear of your out-with-the-old/ in-with-the-new plans, too.   God bless you.

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